Solar panels and batteries for your home

Capture, store and use clean energy from the sun with an end-to-end home solar solution.

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Solar panels and batteries for your home

Capture, store and use clean energy from the sun with an end-to-end home solar solution.

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The solar energy advantage

On the hunt for a system that will deliver lower energy bills, increased energy independence and reduce your carbon footprint? You’re in the right place. 

With over 15 years’ experience working in solar energy, we’re experts at setting you up with the right solution to suit your home and lifestyle. Explore our range of solar plans, panels and battery storage solutions today. 

Your step-by-step guide to switch to solar

Step 1

Discover the range

Kick off with a little research. Here’s the breakdown: 

Solar panels start the journey. They capture clean, renewable energy from the sun and transform it into power you can use. 

An inverter box does the hard yards. It converts direct current (DC) output from your solar panels into alternating current (AC) to power your appliances. 

Batteries help you maximise your solar investment. They store excess energy generated by your panels to use when the sun isn’t shining. 

Step 2

Get a quote

Once you’ve got an idea of what you’re after, you’re ready to request a solar quote. Our team will follow up with you to discuss your options. 

Step 3


After receiving the quote and chatting with our solar experts, we can arrange installation at a time that suits you. 

Why choose Origin solar?

We can help with end-to-end solar solutions, everything from panels and plans to maintenance and installation. We’ve put more solar panels on Aussie roofs than any other energy provider. Over 1.6 million of them in fact.


$0 upfront costs^


24-month interest free payment options ^


Our 15 years of experience across Australia


Expert repairs, warranties & maintenance

Got your solar system set up?

Explore our solar plans 

Get great value from your system with a plan that suits your home’s needs and rewards you for supporting the grid.

Panels and batteries, a match made in heaven

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When it comes to sustainable energy solutions, solar panels are just the beginning. By adding a battery, you can store excess energy to use at night and reduce your reliance on traditional fossil fuels. 

You can also join our virtual power plant – Origin Loop. When you join the Loop, you: 

  • Support the grid by contributing excess solar energy your home doesn’t need.   
  • Work with us to build a strong, stable grid that supports more renewable energy sources. 

The best part? You get rewarded. Every month you’ll see a $20 credit (incl GST) on your bill in return for the energy we extract from your battery. 

Need help deciding?

Try our solar calculator

Determine what size system you might need in a few easy steps.  

Or talk to us

Speak to one of our solar experts for a tailored quote. We’re around 8 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. 

phone1300 791 468

Find great deals in your state!

Origin offers and government rebates are regularly updated. See all the best deals on solar we have to offer, all in the one place.

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Important information

^ Our payment plan requires $0 deposit and the remainder total cost paid over 24 months via equal monthly instalments on your credit card.