Origin Loop virtual power plant

Create, share and manage power with a Loop-connected solar battery.

Origin Loop virtual power plant

The future of energy is here. It’s smart. It’s connected. It’s agile. When you join our virtual power plant (VPP), you’ll be supporting a system that allows more renewable energy to be added to the grid to manage high demand.

Join an intelligent network of connected solar batteries

Video transcript

Have you heard about Origin Loop – Origin’s virtual power plant?

It’s part of a cleverer, cleaner, and more efficient energy future, for good.

We’ll try to explain it without the technical lingo. Essentially, Origin Loop is the new energy grid, made up of a network of different sources and devices, like solar batteries, all connected and working together as one. That’s where you come in.

When your solar battery is connected to Loop, you’ll generate your own clean, homegrown energy when the sun’s shining, and store to power your home when it’s not.

Plus, it allows you to contribute your solar energy to the grid, during times of peak demand. Not for nothing, of course. You’ll be rewarded with savings on your energy bills.

And you’ll have the added benefit of the potential for strangers to come up to you on the street and pat you on the back. Especially those who love cleaner, homegrown energy.

The more people who contribute, the more efficient the grid becomes.

So get a quote for an Origin Loop-connected solar battery system today, and help create a cleverer, cleaner, and more energy efficient tomorrow.

Virtual power plant benefits and your solar battery

When your solar battery is connected to the Loop, you’ll be helping to relieve pressure on the grid at times of high demand. In return, you’ll receive a credit on your electricity bill each month for five years.

Plus, when you purchase an LG Chem RESU or Tesla Powerwall as part of our offer, you’ll receive a $2000 discount


Get better value energy

On average, members who have a solar and battery package can save 60 percent or more1 on their energy bills, depending on the size of their system and daily energy usage. See bottom of page for detail.


Track your usage 24/7

When you buy a solar panel and battery bundle from us and have them installed at the same time, you can monitor your home energy use and self sufficiency via the Origin app


Know everything is working as it should

When your battery is connected to the new grid, our smarts will continually monitor your system’s performance to ensure you’re getting the best value.  

What’s a virtual power plant and how does it work?

Think of the Loop virtual power plant (VPP) as a new, technology-centred energy grid. It uses its smarts to assess when energy is most needed. Then, it coordinates thousands of energy assets to work together like a mini power station to manage supply and demand. Your home solar battery is one of these assets, and is an important source of renewable energy that’s used to support the wider network. 

How a Loop-connected battery works

How we manage your battery and what you receive in return

Your Loop-connected battery helps us manage peak demand – or ‘high demand’ – events.  

Sometimes, we’ll charge your battery with power from the grid in anticipation of a high demand event. We do this to ensure there’s plenty of energy for everyone to use when the grid is under strain. 

Other times, we’ll discharge your battery. That’s when power from your battery is injected into the grid to ease pressure. This will typically happen around 20 times a year, with events more likely during hot summer months. We’ll only ever extract up to 200kWh of energy from your battery in a year.

We make sure the monthly credit you receive will outweigh charge and discharge costs. Your credit is applied in addition to the feed-in-tariff (FIT) you receive for your solar.

Ways to join the Origin Loop virtual power plant

Save $2,000 on batteries

Eligible customers can join Origin Loop and get an upfront discount on the cost of a Sungrow SBR HV or Tesla Powerwall 2 solar battery.

Get a $400 sign-up bonus

Have a Tesla Powerwall 2 installed? With no lock-in contracts and a $400 sign-up bonus, now’s a great time to get connected to our virtual power plant.

There’s more to Loop than just your battery

Each week, thousands of members compete in our energy-saving reward program – Spike – to help manage grid demand. Meet your energy-saving goal and get rewarded with points that can be transformed into PayPal cash and gift cards. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s good for the environment.

There’s more to Loop than just your battery

Each week, thousands of members compete in our energy-saving reward program – Spike – to help manage grid demand. Meet your energy-saving goal and get rewarded with points that can be transformed into PayPal cash and gift cards. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s good for the environment.

Frequently asked questions about the VPP and Origin Loop

How does VPP technology work?

The Loop VPP works in two parts:

Reading energy sources and data 

The Loop uses data from many sources to forecast demand so that energy distribution remains stable and reliable. This includes drawing on:

  • weather forecasts
  • usage data
  • market trends
  • historical consumption patterns.

Coordinating connected devices 

The Loop then connects to compatible smart systems to manage consumption and share excess energy back to the grid to keep everything stable. This works by controlling connected: 

  • Solar batteries
  • Air conditioners
  • Hot water systems
  • Smart plugs
  • EV chargers.
Why do we need the virtual power plant?

The purpose of the virtual power plant is to stabilise energy, reduce pressure on the grid when demand is high and make energy smarter and more sustainable. 

Instead of purely relying on traditional fossil fuels, the new grid allows us to create a network of distributed energy resources that can be forecasted and used to meet and manage supply and demand.

How does the virtual power plant connect to my battery?

The VPP connects thousands of household batteries via our centrally managed network. Using smart technology, our network will charge and discharge your battery to manage and meet demand during peak times.

Are government rebates available for solar and battery systems?

Yes! Financial incentives for batteries and solar systems are currently provided by the Federal Government and some states across Australia.

See your state’s rates by visiting the Australian Energy Foundation.

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Important information

1  Percentage based on sample of 30K Origin customers (homeowners) with an average annual usage 8Mwh and a current annual bill above $1000, using a 10kWh battery with 8.8 kWh available capacity. Their solar panel size is 5.5kW and average daytime usage is at 60%. Savings may differ according to your individual usage. Default market offer/Victorian Default Offer peak usage rates at 19 Oct 2021