Embedded electricity charges – 1 July 2022

Origin’s embedded electricity charges will change in NSW, QLD, SA and ACT on 1 July 2022. Prices can be obtained by calling 1800 684 993 for more information.

Owners or body corporates will negotiate centralised electricity rates for you – this means the electricity for your building is purchased in bulk and is supplied to you at rates discounted to our standard prices. But each apartment and retail tenancy has its own electricity meter – so you’re only billed for the electricity you use.

Open an Origin embedded network today

We sell electricity in apartment blocks and buildings with centralised electricity. To sign up please view the below and click ‘Open an account’.

No exit fees or lock-in contracts

No exit fee or lock-in contract will apply to you if you leave.

Benefit period

Your pricing starts from the supply start date, and will continue until we or you end it. If you’re a solar customer, you can also receive our standard retailer feed-in tariff as published on our website.

Electricity rates

We will send you a copy of your charges in your contract pack once you’ve completed this online move in form.

Flexible payment options

Choose from a range of payment options available to best meet your needs.

eBilling and eCorrespondence available

Choose how you’d like to receive your bills and correspondence from us.

24/7 online account management

You can manage your account and check your usage online 24/7 using My Account or the Origin app.

Open an account


Moving in?

Moving into a new apartment where we already supply centralised electricity services? Open an account with us and have your electricity connected.


Moving out?

Looking to close your centralised electricity account? No worries. You’ll just need to fill out and submit this form.


Understanding your agreement

Want to know more about your agreement? Read over our Terms and Conditions for centralised electricity services.

Hot water tap

Does your building have centralised hot water?

We can also set up your account for centralised hot water – it only takes a few minutes online.

Talk to us

If you have a question about centralised electricity (or you’ve received a letter from us about unauthorised usage in your apartment), just give our specialised team a call on:

phone1800 684 993

Monday–Friday, 8 am–6 pm

Email us

The quickest way to open or close an electricity account for your apartment is with the online forms above. But if you’d rather, you can fill in the PDF version and email it to us at:


Centralised electricity application form (PDF 102 KB)

Centralised electricity move-out form (PDF 87 KB)