LPG, a reliable source of energy

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a versatile energy source for many businesses. LPG is a portable fuel that provides cleaner burning and a high level of heat quickly, emitting less carbon than petrol and diesel.

LPG is used across various commercial and industrial applications in a wide range of sectors, including hospitality & cafes, agriculture and farming, logistics and fleet, and mining.

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Generate power using Origin LPG

Generate power

LPG can also be used to replace diesel for on-site power generation.

Gas appliance servicing

We service, install and replace commercial appliances for businesses across a wide range of industries.

Green LPG

Make a positive impact on the environment with Origin’s Green LPG.

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Your trusted partner in local LPG expertise

As Australia’s leading LPG supplier, we have over 15 years of experience and knowledge to help you with your business’ LPG needs. Along with competitive prices, our team of experts specialise in your area and can provide tailored solutions for any of your commercial energy needs. 

Remote or metro, we’ve got you covered.

With 44 terminals, we’re Australia’s only ASX-listed national LPG supplier. Our fleet of over 250 trucks, including bulk tankers, exchange trucks and service and installation vehicles, means we can get LPG to you where you need. From metro to remote areas where the electricity grid doesn’t cover, we’ll deliver LPG right to your site.

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Safety you can rely on

The safety of our people is our top priority. That includes our customers, the communities we work in, our teams and our distributors. We offer equipment design and installations that meet Australian standards, product safety sheets and guidelines, dangerous goods signage where required, and the ongoing support of your local account manager.

See how LPG can benefit your industry

Hospitality and take-away

Chefs in the kitchen happy while cooking supported by Origin LPG reliable gas supply

We partner with hospitality venues such as pubs, hotels, resorts, restaurants and take-away, establishments across Australia to ensure their LPG needs are met with their cooking processes, heating and hot water solutions.

Agriculture and farming

3 farmers in the green farm supporting green farming and sustainability practices

We supply LPG to agriculture and farming industries, providing a sustainable option that can be used variously in heating, drying, weeding and more.

Logistics and fleet

trucks on the road supported by Origin LPG for transportation needs

To fulfil business’ operation and transportation needs, we provide LPG as a lower-cost yet cleaner solution to diesel that is reliable and versatile.

Industrial and manufacturing

2 industrial workers on site smoothly able to do operations with efficient LP

For applications that require heating, such as boilers, furnaces and cremators, LPG is a popular option. This is especially true throughout the industrial and manufacturing industries.


Forklift lady driver with yellow hard heard and high vis on site with Origin Gas supply for forklift working

LPG is commonly used to power forklifts. With more capacity, longer usage times and a smarter weight ratio, LPG is a popular choice.


barbeque operated by Origin LPG gas cylinders

Quickswap allows you to purchase BBQ bottles from us to sell to your customers.

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