Why use LPG?

If you’re new to LPG, it might surprise you to know the benefits of using LPG to power your business.

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Versatile fuel

We supply LPG to small businesses such as cafes and bars for use in cooking, heating and hot water. Our large-scale customers in agriculture, farming, manufacturing and logistics use LPG as part of their pest control, food processing, forklifts and to power large fleets of vehicles with autogas.

LPG can also be used to replace diesel for on-site power generation.



LPG is a cost-effective energy solution for many of your existing processes and equipment. In some cases, using LPG can be cheaper than electricity, natural gas, petrol and diesel.


Portable for remote areas

If your new site is located in an area that is not connected to the grid, or can’t access natural gas, LPG is transportable and can be stored.

LPG, efficient and lower carbon

LPG provides cleaner burning and a high level of heat in a short lifetime, emitting less black carbon than petrol and diesel.

Did you know, you can boost your green credentials with Green LPG?

Green LPG is a way for your business to reduce the impact of using LPG on the environment, through carbon offsetting.

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