How we can help with your commercial appliances

We service, install and replace commercial appliances for businesses across a wide range of industries.

You don’t need to be an existing Origin customer to use our services.

We help businesses:


Install and certify new appliance installations.


Rectify equipment breakdowns and malfunctions.


Advise on how to best manage technical equipment, offering ongoing preventative maintenance plans to ensure safety and compliance whilst minimising the risk of equipment breakdowns.


Find ways to improve energy efficiently and maximise productivity.

Commercial appliances we service

Our gas fitters and service agents are experienced across a range of commercial appliances and you don’t have to be an Origin customer to use our services.

Depending on your location, we may be able to help you with:


Cooking or Type A appliances

Cookers, stovetops, ovens, grills, barbecues, pizza ovens, griddles, space heaters, water heaters, central heaters and catering and leisure equipment.

Type B appliances

Large commercial and industrial appliances that require special certification.


Hydronic heating, gas heating, boiler heating systems, furnaces and burners.

Hot water

Water boilers, gas hot water, low pressure hot water systems and water tanks.

Where we service

Our local teams of gas fitters service Queensland regions including Port Douglas, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Warwick, Maryborough and surrounds.

If your business is located outside of these areas, send us an enquiry and we’ll provide you with information specific to your area.

24/7 Gas emergency National Response Centre (NRC)

Our customers are supported by the National Response Centre that provides a range of Health & Safety Response services including after-hour emergency response, critical incident response services and management of assets.