QLD and NSW flood update: LPG deliveries in flood impacted areas are delayed. Our teams are still available to provide support during this difficult time and you can call us on 13 35 74. For LPG leaks or emergencies, call 1800 808 526.


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Clear access

To deliver your LPG, we’ll need access to your cylinders. So we ask that you keep pets restrained, gates unlocked, and access to both your driveway and bottles clear. If this can’t be arranged, send us a message and we’ll chat through your options.

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For real-time updates on your LPG bottle delivery, ensure your account details are up to date via our online enquiry form.

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Here’s a secret: we’re busiest in winter! Which is why you should get on top of your winter orders early. Just send us a message and avoid those winter chills.

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