Origin is a proud member of the  We Mean Business coalition, which is dedicated to accelerating corporate action on climate change.

In 2015, we became the first energy company in the world to sign up to the first seven commitments. We continue to make progress on key areas, such as setting a science-based emissions reduction target and continuing to improve our public disclosures. 

Progress against our climate change commitments

Commitment1Our achievements
Implement the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Origin began implementing the recommendations of the TCFD in FY2018.2 Our TCFD disclosures are located in our Sustainability Report and our Climate change management approach.

Origin also participated in the 2021 Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change questionnaire. We report climate change information in this report, in our Operating and Financial Review within our Annual Report and in our 2019 climate resilience scenario analysis.

Responsible corporate engagement in climate policyOrigin engages with federal and state government as well as industry associations in the creation of responsible climate policy. See our Industry Association Review for more information.
Set Science Based Emissions Reduction Target

In 2017, we became the first company in Australia to set science-based emissions targets independently approved by the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi). Our medium-term, SBTi-approved targets cover Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions. We continue to aim for net zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2050. We are progressing the update of our emissions targets to a 1.5°C pathway. 

Put a price on carbon

Origin incorporates a range of carbon prices of up to $80 per tonne.

Become Australia’s leading renewable and low-carbon energy provider, helping our customers to procure electricity from renewable sources

Origin is a Clean Energy Council accredited retailer of solar energy and in the year to December 2020 was the second largest installer of solar in terms of overall capacity, and number three in the commercial (15-100kW) category.3 We installed 74 MW of solar in FY2021, an increase of 21 per cent on the prior year.

FY2021 saw Origin grow our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to connect more than 159 MW across 79,000 connected services. This initiative uses cutting-edge technology to connect energy assets across many separate locations and coordinates them to work together like a traditional power station. Through the VPP, we can shift demand to times when renewable generation is high and electricity prices are low.

For over 20 years, we have been providing our customers with the option to choose renewable energy products. We had over 260,000 GreenPower and Green Gas customers in FY2021, an increase of 120 per cent on the prior year. In January 2021, our Green Gas and Green LPG products became certified carbon neutral by Climate Active, an initiative backed by the Australian Government. When customers choose these products, we offset the relevant emissions associated with the customer’s consumption of natural gas or LPG as part of our Climate Active commitments.

Electric vehicles will play an important role in the decarbonisation of the transportation sector and we have started to provide charging solutions and infrastructure to customers who have electric vehicles. We are also partnering with a fleet management operator to provide an end-to-end EV fleet management solution for business customers to transition their fleets to electric vehicles.

Procure 100 per cent of energy from renewable sources for our office premises and, where possible, all other operations by 2050

We purchase 100 per cent GreenPower for our eligible offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.4,5

We also continue to pursue cost-effective ways to convert our regional operational sites to GreenPower, where available. In FY2021, a further four LPG terminal sites were installed with rooftop solar, taking the total to 12 LPG terminals and combined solar generation capacity of about 290 kW.

We have also been evaluating all of our generation assets for their suitability for solar power. Installation of about 360 kW of rooftop solar capacity was completed at four generation site office facilities in Queensland, NSW and Victoria during FY2021. A site in South Australia will be completed in August 2021, adding a further 87 kW and taking the total in solar generation capacity to about 450kW. This represents half of the portfolio of generation assets with rooftop solar installed for their site offices.

EV100 Accelerate the transition to electric vehicles

We are committed to playing a leadership role in helping to accelerate the uptake of EVs in Australia and in FY2021 became a member of EV100, a global initiative that brings together companies under this goal.

We have 14 EVs currently operating in our fleet with a further four on order, and we have committed to transitioning all 600 of our passenger and light commercial vehicles to electric vehicles by 2030. We have a plan to transition small to medium passenger vehicles when existing leases expire and we will continue to assess emerging zero direct emissions solutions for other vehicle types, such as large passenger and light commercial vehicles as they become available in Australia.

Reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs)

This commitment has been sunset by the We Mean Business Coalition, however, it remains an area of focus for Origin. 

The majority of our SLCPs are methane emissions and these make up approximately one per cent of our total Scope 1 and Scope 2 operated greenhouse gas emissions. We report our SLCPs via NGERs and NPI. In FY2021, we have increased our focus on minimising emissions of short-lived climate pollutants such as methane and reduced cold menthane venting by approximately 27 kt CO2-e in FY2021, as well as developing longer term initiatives that aim to eliminate methane emission sources. For more information see our Sustainability Report.

Remove commodity-driven deforestation from all supply chains

This commitment has been sunset by the We Mean Business Coalition, however, as Origin has identified timber, paper and pulp as the group of commodities that pose the most significant deforestation risk within our supply chain, we will continue to focus on removing commodity driven deforestation from our supply chain.   

Origin does not directly manufacture any items using these commodities, therefore our efforts to remove commodity-driven deforestation from our supply chains are focused on purchasing these products from environmentally responsible suppliers and reducing our use of paper-based products.

Origin’s primary consumption of paper-based products is through the printing of customer bills, office supplies, stationery and other printing needs. This consumption is consolidated into three key suppliers which are either directly certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and/or the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) , or the products they provide are.

Launched in FY2019, Origin’s Supplier Code, requires new Origin contractors to implement plans to identify, monitor and manage any potential commodity-driven deforestation within their Supply Chain.

  1. Note: these are the original commitments Origin signed up to in 2015. There have been subsequent revisions and additions to the commitments, which Origin reviews on a regular basis for relevance and consideration in our climate change strategy.
  2. Refer TCFD website
  3. Sunwiz report, 2021
  4. An office location is eligible if it is CBD-based, the lease arrangements allow for electricity negotiations and the building does not include an equivalent grid energy product, e.g. cogeneration plants. Origin’s Melbourne office is exempt as it has a trigeneration unit in the building, which provides low-carbon onsite electricity, and waste heat is converted to provide heating and cooling within the building.
  5. Origin offsets its 100% electricity consumption with Greenpower for each of the WMB Sites at the end of each calendar year in line with annual GreenPower reporting. Origin’s FY2020 Greenpower surrender will be fully completed after the CY2020 GPR report is finalised in March 2021.