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Commercial LPG

LPG (or liquefied petroleum gas) is a versatile fuel commonly used in Australian homes and businesses. 

LPG is produced during oil refining or is extracted during the natural gas production process. If you release LPG, gas is emitted. In order to transport it, LPG needs to be placed under modest pressure to form a liquid. It can then be stored and transported in LPG cylinders.

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Because it has the ability to be transported and stored, it can be used in areas where piped natural gas isn't available to power heating, cooking and hot water for homes and gas engines in forklifts or industrial boilers for businesses.

In summer, you’ll often see people swapping LPG bottles at the local petrol station, getting ready to power up their BBQ.

LPG is also important for use in industrial, commercial, agricultural, horticultural and manufacturing applications. At home, it can provide us with heating, hot water and power to cook our food, as well as fuel for our cars. It even powers cogeneration plants!

You can check the level of gas in your LPG cylinder by carefully pouring hot water down the side of the cylinder. Give it a minute and then run your hand down the cylinder. It will feel cool to the touch at the level of the gas. Be super careful with the hot water!

If you’d like more tips about managing your LPG, check out our collection of handy hints.