How to read your metered LPG bill

If you use metered LPG, your gas for hot water, cooking, heating or barbecuing is provided directly to you through a network of pipes, with usage measured via a meter which records your gas consumption.

Unlike more common LPG installations, you won’t have your own gas bottles or tanks and you don’t need to order gas deliveries.

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This is what information in each section of your bill means:

1. Your account details
The high level details of your account – your customer number and the tax invoice number.

2. Invoice Total and Date Due
The Invoice Total is how much you need to pay for this bill.

The Date Due is the date you need to pay this bill by.

3. Account Summary
A summary of your past and present balance and payments, including:

  • Balance Brought Forward: your Account Balance, carried over from the previous bill to this one
  • Your new charges for this billing period
  • Invoice Total: the total amount to pay for this bill (the Amount Due)
  • Payments and Adjustments: any payments or credit memos applied to your account since your previous bill
  • Total Amount Due: this includes the Amount Due for this bill and any previous outstanding balance
  • Your usage graph: this includes your average daily usage and whether the reads were estimated.

4. Bill messaging
Some of our invoices display have important messaging displayed on page 1. Some examples of these messages may include:

  • Price change information
  • Meter read information
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5. Meter read information
A summary of this period’s meter read information, including

  • Present reading
  • Previous reading
  • Days in the billing period and rate per megajoule (MJ)
  • Daily supply rate
  • Total charges for this bill period

If you have any queries about your bill, send us a message online.