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We provide electricity to apartment blocks and buildings with centralised electricity (sometimes known as embedded electricity). Each apartment and retail tenancy has its own electricity meter – so you’re only billed for the electricity you use.

Some apartments may also have a gas cooktop and share a centralised hot water system. Check with your Owners' Corporation, Landlord or Building Manager if you also need an Origin Hot Water account for these services.

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Payment processing fee:

If payment is made via Visa or MasterCard at an Australia Post outlet, a payment processing fee of the higher of $2.00 or 0.49% (incl GST) may apply for all states except NSW.

Card type Market Elec / Gas / Hot Water Standing Elec / Gas
Visa Debit 0.26% N/A
Visa Credit 0.60% N/A
MasterCard Debit 0.32% N/A
MasterCard Credit 0.72% N/A

Card payment fees:

If payment is made via Visa or MasterCard, a payment processing fee of up to 0.72% may apply.

Billing frequency:



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  • that Origin may vary the terms, conditions, nature, amount and structure of your charges. If they do change, we'll let you know. We'll send you an agreement pack which explains the terms and conditions, your payment options, the charges and fees that apply and your 10 business day cooling off period. You can read the charges and fees when you receive the agreement pack.
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  • that if you have email as your billing and correspondence preference, you agree to receiving bills via email and having email as your preferred contact method for communication from us. You will continue to receive bills and correspondence via email after your energy plan ends unless you disable it.

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To find out more about how Origin collects, uses, holds and discloses your personal and credit information, read our Privacy statements. If you have given us someone else’s details (as an additional account holder), let them know that their information has been provided to us and tell them about our Privacy statements.

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