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Please note our hot water and gas unmetered appliance services charges will change in NSW, QLD, SA, ACT and WA on 1 July 2021. For new prices and information, please call 1800 684 993.

Fill in this form if you're moving in to an apartment block or building where we provide centralised hot water.

Some apartment buildings may also have a centralised electricity provider. Check with your Owners' Corporation, Landlord or Building Manager if this service is with Origin. If so, you'll also need to fill out a centralised electricity application form and we'll get you connected. 

A few notes before you begin:

  1. Please indicate on this form if your apartment has a gas cooktop and/or gas heating. 
  2. For information on gas hot water, cooktop, and heating charges please contact us on 1800 684 993. All applicable charges will appear on your first bill.

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Please note, a fee of $1.75 may apply for each paper bill you receive. More on paper bill fees.

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If you're not the account holder, do you warrant that you have the authority of the account holder to submit this application on their behalf? Origin may request proof of this authority.

Some things you should know:
Unmetered Appliance Services such as your cooktop will be charged as part of your hot water account.

Cost and fees:

  • Late payment fee of $12 may apply if your bill is not paid by the due date
  • Fees of $1.75 per bill may apply if you choose to get paper bills
  • Fees of up to 0.73% may apply to card payments
  • Fees of 0.49% or $2 (whichever is higher) per bill map apply to bills paid at the post office (excludes NSW)
  • Connection fees may apply if your hot water service is disconnected and reconnected.These fees are charged by the distributor and/or meter provider and can change from time to time.

All fees include GST.

You also agree that:

  • Origin may vary the Terms and Conditions, nature, amount and structure of your charges by notice.
  • Even if your correspondence preference is email, we may still contact you via post or phone sometimes. We'll use your connection address for contacts via post unless you tell us otherwise.
  • If you have email as your billing and correspondence preference, you agree to receiving bills via email and having email as your preferred contact method for communication from us. You will continue to receive bills and correspondence via email after your Energy Plan ends unless you disable it.
  • We'll write to you before your energy plan benefits are due to end. If you don't agree to a new energy plan, your supply will continue without energy plan benefits. Alternatively, we may extend your current energy plan or set you up with a new one, unless you tell us not to.
  • We’ll contact you with offers on other Origin products from time to time, even after our agreement ends. You can opt out online or by calling us.
  • If you’d like to know more about how we collect and use your personal and credit related information and what this means for your credit rating, let us know or go to

By confirming, you agree to:

Agreement terms
Customer disclosure statement

Pricing details

NSW Unit Inc. GST
Gas Cooker charge cents per day 24.914
Gas Heater charge cents per day
QLD Unit Inc. GST
Gas Cooker charge cents per day 53.4463
SA Unit Inc. GST
Gas Cooker charge cents per day 45.5077
Mantle Lights cents per day
Slot Meters cents per day
Vic Unit Inc. GST
Gas Cooker charge cents per day 20.561

Prices as of 1 January 2021.

Your privacy

To find out more about how Origin collects, uses, holds and discloses your personal and credit information see our Privacy Statements. If you have given us someone else's details (as an additional account holder), please let them know that their information has been provided to us and tell them about our Privacy Statements.

From time to time we'll let you know about our great products and offers, even after your agreement ends. If you don't want us to , please visit or call us on 13 24 63 to opt-out of marketing communications.