Power of choice for you

More choice, more control

Power of Choice is the name for a set of regulations that will help you to make better decisions about your electricity use and services.

Over time you’ll be able to enjoy:

More frequent usage data

Easier monitoring of your usage

No more estimated usage readings

Choosing how often you get your bills

Faster move ins or move outs

How will this happen?

Through the use of digital (sometimes called ‘smart’) meters at your property, replacing your existing basic electricity meter. This will happen over time, as faulty and older electricity meters are replaced with digital meters.

Many Victorian customers already have digital meters and so enjoy the benefits described above. Not sure of the difference between meters? Check out our FAQs below.

Why the change?

All new electricity meters for residential and small business customers will need to be digital (advanced) meters from 4 December 2017. Plus, if an existing meter is faulty or aged and needs replacing, the new meter will be a digital meter.

This means that older-style meters will be phased out and replaced over time until all meters are digital. 

What’s the difference between basic, interval and digital meters?

Let’s compare. Here’s a break down of the differences between basic, interval and digital meters:

 Basic (accumulation/traditional) meterInterval meterDigital (smart) meter
Tracks your energy use…From one point in time to another (usually 3 months).Every 30 minutes.Every 30 minutes.
The meter is read by…A meter reader physically attending the property, locating the meter and recording the usage reading.A meter reader physically attending the property to download the readings.Automatically sending usage data over mobile networks.

The digital meter also allows two-way communication
Installation and maintenance arranged by…Your distributorYour distributorYour retailer
I’m building a new home, do I need a digital meter?

Yes, all meters installed in new properties will need to be a digital meter from 4 December 2017. Call us to find out more about this. 

I’m a small business customer, does this affect me?

Yes, these rules are the same for small business, as well as residential, customers.

What if I don’t want to change meters?

You don’t need to change meters immediately.  

However, if your meter needs replacing because it’s faulty or aged after 4 December 2017, then your new meter will need to be a digital meter. If you’re building a new property, your electricity meter will need to be a digital meter.

I’m a large business customer – does Power of Choice affect me?

Yes – however as a large business customer the reforms are slightly different. Find out more in our Commercial & Industrial section.

Where can I find out more about digital meters?

Check out our digital meter page.

More information

Looking for more? Read all about it on the Australian Energy Regulator’s website.