High bill checklist

The highs and lows of your energy bill

Very few things in life stay the same. Your energy bills are no different. They can go up and down for reasons that you might not even notice at the time. To help you understand the fluctuations in your energy bills, we’ve put together a checklist to highlight the most common reasons why your bill can change. 

Take a look to see if any of these apply to you:


There’s been a change in the seasons

The weather can have a huge influence on your energy use. Air conditioning will boost your energy usage in summer, while the short days and colder temperatures in winter mean you’ll spend more time with the lights, TV, computer, clothes dryer or heater on.

So to really see if your energy use has changed dramatically, we recommend comparing your energy usage (in kWh or MJ) with the same time last year. There’s a handy table setting this out for you on the back of your bill (so long as you were with us at the same address this time last year).


You’ve had more people than normal staying in your house

The more people you have in your house, the more energy you’re likely to use. That’s why you’ll often see a spike in your energy costs if a friend or relative stays for a few weeks, or if your kids have been home for the holidays.


You’ve been using appliances that consume more energy?

You might be surprised at how much energy some home appliances use. For more information on their usage, take a look at the manual, the manufacturer’s website or its ‘energy efficiency’ label. You’ll find the power rating printed on the back or underneath many appliances or by visiting www.energyrating.gov.au.


Do we have your concession details?

If you have an eligible concession card, make sure we have your card details. If we do, you should see a concession amount on your bill. You can add or edit your concession card details through My Account or call us on 13 24 61.

South Australian residents – you can to register your details with the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Western Australia residents – concessions are only available for electricity in WA and we sell gas. Please contact your electricity provider.


Its a longer billing period than usual

Energy bills rarely cover the same exact number of days per billing period. So if you notice a small variation, this could explain it.


You still owe money from a previous bill

If you didn’t happen to pay the full amount of your last bill, the remainder will carry over to your next one – and continue to do so if you don’t pay the full amount each month.


There was a price increase 

Prices increase from time to time. If this is the case, we’ll always let you know. You can check your current bill to see if your prices have recently increased.


We gave you an estimated meter reading

Your meter reader can’t always get to your gas or electricity meter, so sometimes we need to ‘estimate’ your property’s energy usage based on the year before.

When we do this, you’ll see an ‘E’ on the back of your bill. Once the meter reader can get to the meter, we’ll adjust the bill accordingly – and you’ll see an ‘A’ on your bill (for actual).


Did your energy plan benefits finish?

Your plan, and any discounts it comes with, may have ended. If it has, then it’s time to choose another one. You can find a plan to suit your needs.

You can see which energy plan you’re on by logging onto My Account or looking at the front page of your bill.


Struggling to pay your bill? 

We know that it can be difficult when bills are higher than expected. If you need some help managing your energy bills talk to us about your options.

Want some energy saving ideas for around the home?

For ideas on how to reduce your energy use, check out our energy efficiency page.