Solar for business

Lock in your energy rates with Rate Freeze

Fix your electricity usage and supply charges for up to two years with Rate Freeze.

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Our energy plans are not available to all areas and apply to small business customers only. If you are a large busines customer please see our commercial and industrial information.

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Commercial & industrial businesses

We’ve been supplying major corporations and industry with energy and advice for years.

For pricing information or account support please call our account managers on 13 23 34 weekdays 8:30am – 5pm AEST.

Solutions for large businesses

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LPG for business

You can manage your LPG account online, including ordering LPG and paying a bill.

Or you can request a quote for LPG quickly and easily with our simple form.

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Green energy

You can easily add green energy to your plan anytime, with GreenPower renewable electricity starting from an extra 2.04c per kilowatt hour for 25% GreenPower.

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Saving energy at your business

We have a range of energy saving tips for small businesses and larger operations. Which will help you save money and reduce the impact of your business on the environment.

Energy efficiency tips