Origin Solar Savings Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms set out the terms and conditions of the Savings Guarantee that we have provided to you, details of which are set out in your Solar Order Confirmation.


  1. To be eligible for the Savings Guarantee you must:
    1. Be an existing Origin electricity customer at the Supply Address;
    2. Purchase an Origin Solar System for the Supply Address;  
    3. Within 20 Business Days of receiving confirmation from us that your Solar System has been installed and your meter has been installed/upgraded, sign up to and remain on the Solar Boost Plus Energy Plan at the Supply Address; and  
    4. Where we choose to deploy Inverter monitoring or where an Advanced Metering Solution cannot be deployed at the Supply Address, be connected to the internet and agree that your Inverter will be connected to the internet so that we and our service providers can access information about how much energy your system is generating and calculate your savings during the Guarantee Period.

General Terms

  1. You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that your Solar System has access to at least the same amount of sunlight as it did when it was installed. You must also not do anything, omit to do anything or allow anyone else to do anything (to the extent it is within your control) that would reduce the output of the Solar System. This includes keeping trees, bushes and hedges trimmed and not erecting or modifying any building or structure (for example, an air conditioner unit or aerial) that would shade the Solar System.
  2. If we decide to conduct remote troubleshooting, you may need to provide us with reasonable assistance (for example, by telling us which coloured lights are shown on the inverter).

Savings Guarantee – Adjustments

  1. If the output of the Solar System as measured by the Inverter is reduced because of:
    1. something you do or fail to do that is within your reasonable control (for example, if you don’t provide us with reasonable assistance with remote troubleshooting, do not prune trees which shade the Solar System, or your grid electricity is disconnected); or
    2. a Force Majeure event; or
    3. an obstruction (for example a tree or a new construction) on a neighbouring property which shades the Solar System,

    then we may reduce the Savings Guarantee by an amount equivalent to the electricity usage charges for the amount of electricity that would have been produced (taking into account both consumption costs and export benefit via feed in tariffs) if the output of the Solar System had not been reduced, as reasonably estimated by us. We will use the Origin Basic usage rates as described in clause 9 to calculate the electricity usage charges.

  1. If, on the day of installation, we install (at your request) a Solar System at the Supply Address that is different to the system detailed in the Solar Order Confirmation (for example, it may be bigger or smaller) we may re-calculate your Savings Guarantee.
  2. We may monitor the performance of your Solar System and intend to do so remotely (for the most part). You must notify us if you believe that there is a fault or problem with the Solar System as soon as possible (and in any event within 2 Business Days).

Calculated Savings

  1. If your Calculated Savings for the Supply Address during the Guarantee Period are less than the Savings Guarantee, we will apply the difference as a credit on your next electricity bill for the Supply Address following the end of the Guarantee Period.
  2. We will calculate the Calculated Savings as the sum of the following amounts:
    • your consumption of electricity from your Solar System (in kWh) multiplied by the Origin Basic usage rates for a flat rate tariff or time of use tariff in your network area.
    • the amount we pay you for exported solar electricity from your Supply Address.
  3.  If you end your Solar Boost Plus Energy Plan before the end of the Guarantee Period, you will not be eligible for the Savings Guarantee.
  4. The amount we pay you in accordance with clause 9, if you are eligible and as amended in accordance with this agreement, will be your sole remedy against us if your savings in connection with this agreement are less than anticipated by you.


  1. We collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information and metering information in order to provide you with services. We may disclose this information to our Related Companies, our agents and service providers (such as mail houses, data processors and debt collectors), your distributor, relevant government authorities, other energy retailers and, in certain circumstances, a credit reporting agency. If you don’t provide this information to us, we may not be able to provide our products or services to you. Where possible, we’ll collect this information from you. Our detailed privacy statements are available at originenergy.com.au/privacy. Please contact us to request a paper copy.
  2. You agree that:
    • we may provide information about you, including personal information, metering information and information about your Solar System (collectively “Your Information”), to third party service providers who operate software and other IT systems (ie a webportal); and
    • those third party service providers may collect and hold Your Information, directly from you or from us, and provide that information to us in a particular format, in order for us to provide to provide you with the Solar Savings Guarantee and to continue to provide or offer you with information, insights or other goods or services. We will continue to do this until you ask us to stop or we stop being your electricity retailer at the Supply Address.


Meaning of terms in these Terms

Advanced Metering Solution means where we deploy a smart meter as part of the installation process (also known as an advanced meter or ‘type 4’ meter) and use one of the meter elements to measure the solar generation output of your Solar System.

Business Day means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the capital city of the State or Territory of your Supply Address.

Calculated Savings means the amount calculated in accordance with clause 9.

Force Majeure has the same meaning as in the Electricity Retail Agreement.

Guarantee Period means 24 months, which is the benefit period of your Solar Boost Plus Energy Plan

Inverter means the inverter we install at your Supply Address to measure the electricity generated by the Solar System.

Savings Guarantee means the amount described as such in the Solar Details Section, or another amount determined by us in accordance with clause 5 or clause 6.

Solar Details Section means the details section which forms part of your contract for your Solar System purchase.

Solar System means the electricity solar panels, Inverter, meter, cables and other equipment we sell you and install at your Supply Address.

Supply Address means the address in the “Details Section” of the contracts for your Solar System purchase and retail electricity supply.

Solar Order Confirmation means the document setting out the details of your order for the Solar System.

‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ means Origin Energy Electricity Limited ABN 33 071 052 287 and its related body corporates.