Estimate your Solar Flex

Terms and Conditions

How we estimate your Solar Flex rate

All prices shown include GST for a standard installation on a single storey premises. System size and pricing calculation based on CEC Guidelines Dec 2012 for average daily production and assuming true north orientation on a 15 year term. Solar generation depends on various factors including location, system size, time of year/day and light levels.

Default peak electricity rate based on an average $1.30 per day supply charge and unless you have provided us with your current electricity rate, we have assumed Origin’s standing rate as follows:

  • VIC: Origin's current standing (Powercor Residential Peak Anytime) (GD/GR) tariff (26.125c/kWh inc. GST).
  • NSW: Origin's current standing Domestic Peak Only tariff (AusGrid distribution zone) (25.861c/kWh inc. GST).
  • QLD: Origin's current Standing Domestic Tariff 11 (24.7291c/kWh inc. GST).
  • SA: Origin's current standing tariff 110 (33.759 c/kWh inc. GST).