DailySaver First Month Free

Terms and Conditions

Energy Plan period

This Energy Plan is for 12 months from the Supply Start Date unless it ends earlier.


Under this Energy Plan you receive the following discount(s)

  • Guaranteed discount on the usage Charges for 12 months from the Supply Start Date.
  • First Month Free discount on the usage Charges and supply Charges from the Supply Start Date for 1 month(s).

The applicable discount(s) are set out in the Details section.

The discount(s) only apply to the specific Charge detailed above. They do not apply to other Charges which apply.

If we make any changes to the usage and supply Charges (in accordance with our Agreement Terms) your discount(s) will continue – but will just apply to the new Charges.

When could this Energy Plan end early?

If our Agreement to supply you with energy ends, this Energy Plan will also end – including if you move to another address.

We may also end this Energy Plan:

  • if you stop being a Residential Customer; or
  • if we withdraw this Energy Plan from sale – refer to the Agreement Terms for details.

What happens when this Energy Plan ends?

If we are still your retailer after this Energy Plan ends, we’ll still supply you with energy under our Agreement but you’ll no longer receive the benefits.

If you are entitled to an account credit (see the Details section to determine this) but this Energy Plan ends before it’s applied to your account, then you won’t receive the credit.