Origin Business Solar Boost Plus

Terms and conditions for your Origin Business Solar Boost Plus



Under this Energy Plan you will receive the following benefits for 24 months from the Supply Start Date:

  • a total feed-in tariff (as set out in your contract pack) for any electricity your solar PV system exports to the grid until you reach your export cap for each billing period
  • our standard retailer feed in-tariff available at the time (as published on our website) for every kWh of electricity exported to the grid above your export cap during your billing period

Your export cap for each billing period is calculated by multiplying the number of days in your billing period by 14kWh.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this Energy Plan:

  • you must purchase an eligible solar PV system from us and it must have been installed within the last 12 months
  • your solar PV system must be net metered
  • you must not be receiving a feed-in tariff under any government scheme
  • you must have been offered this Energy Plan at the time of your eligible solar PV system purchase.

Ending this Energy Plan

The Agreement Terms explain how this Energy Plan can end early. When it ends, if you don’t take up an energy plan with a different feed-in-tariff, you’ll receive our standard feed-in tariff as published on our website. Other details about what happens are in the Agreement Terms. Don’t worry, even if your Energy Plan ends your energy supply will continue and we’ll stay in touch to tell you about your options.

Keep in mind if you end this Energy Plan after the cooling off period you may need to pay an exit fee.