The virtual power plant project

Fixing tomorrow's problems, today.

Customers in Victoria can save on an LG Chem Resu battery and help us create a new type of power plant.

We believe in solar as the power solution of the future, so we are constantly striving for ways to make solar work better for our customers, our community, and the planet. We've been awarded $4.5 million under the Victorian Government’s Microgrid Demonstration Initiative to develop a virtual power plant (VPP), where we use cutting-edge technology to remotely link small energy resources like solar batteries into a web-based network. We can offer solar batteries and control them remotely, creating a new and exciting type of energy network.

Do you currently have a solar system, or are you looking to buy one through us? If so, let's work together to pioneer the next generation of power solutions, and create a more stable power future for everyone.

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Let's work together

  • A discounted 6.5kWh LG solar battery for $5895 (RRP $10,795)
  • 24 month interest-free payment options (equal monthly repayments)
  • Everything fully installed, including a compatible inverter
  • Be more self-sufficient by storing the solar power you generate
  • Guaranteed $300 back in credit in the first year

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What we ask

You'll need to be an Origin electricity customer for the 5-year trial period, and let us access the power in your battery to either charge or discharge it.

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How it works

We’ll be able to remotely connect multiple solar batteries, and use the energy they store to create a network of alternative power resources.

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What you'll get

An LG Chem Resu LV 6.5 solar battery for $5,895 (RRP $10,795), a Sungrow Hybrid inverter, and a $300 credit on your electricity bill in the first year.

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Ready to join?

Get started on your virtual power plant journey. Choose the option that you're interested in below. 

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How to get involved  

If you've already got solar panels which export around 2MWh per year, or are interested in getting started on your solar journey with Origin, the VPP could be ideal for you. Once your system and the battery are hooked up, we'll be able to remotely charge it, or discharge energy from it back into the grid. For example, we could do this during periods of high demand.

If we do discharge power from your battery, we'll work out how much you've spent to buy the same amount of electricity from the grid as a result. We'll calculate this taking into account any discounts and feed in tariffs you receive, then apply it as a credit towards the charges on your electricity bill at least once a year.

The great thing is, we’ll guarantee you a $300 credit in the first year to cover for any such costs – even if you’ve spent less. In the unlikely chance we calculate that you’ve spent more, we’ll give you a credit to cover the entire amount.


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Learn more about the VPP

The baseline battery offered with the VPP package is the LG Chem Resu 6.5kWh. However, we do have other sizes available depending on your needs. Get in touch and we can personalise a quote for you.

The LG Chem Resu is one of the most popular solar batteries on the Australian market. It's sleek and compact, can be placed indoors or outdoors, and call be either floor or wall mounted. The Resu 6.5 comes with a 10 year usage warranty and has been thoroughly tested to safety standards. 

Get more of the tech specs of each of the battery options:

VPP base model

Other available sizes

Check out our LG Chem Resu page to learn more about the benefits of this first-class solar battery.

The Sungrow Hybrid inverter is a great option for the LG Chem Resu 6.5 battery. We understand that the needs of your solar system could be different, though, so we also have SMA Sunny Boy inverters available. When you get in touch, we'll take into account your unique energy needs and personalise the package to suit you best.

Get into the nitty gritty of each our our inverters:

Of course! Even if your solar system was installed by another provider, you may be eligible to take part in the VPP. We'll assess your system to make sure it meets the requirements for proper operation and safety before we go any further.

As part of the VPP program, you'll need to maintain the solar system and battery to make sure they're operating well during the term of the program (5 years). You can find heaps of tips and tricks on how to do this on our solar maintenance pages, as well as the ongoing repair and maintainance packages that we offer at Origin.

Yep, we've got you covered. Give us a call and we can talk you through some options, and arrange to assess your roof to figure out the best system for you. We'll look at things like your daytime and night-time usage, or the size of your property, to figure out which solar package and/or battery will suit your needs. 

In exchange for the great battery discount, we may charge and discharge energy from your battery to the grid. We might do this during times of peak electricity demand, for example. You'll be helping us trial new solutions in the energy space, and the power supply to your home won't be effected.

At other times, we might stop the energy stored in your battery from being consumed in your home during the day. This way, you can use it during the early evening instead when demand on the grid is higher.

We'll hook your new battery up to the internet in your home so we can talk to it when we need to. We expect that the smarts behind the VPP could use up to 4GB of data per month. For most customers though, we expect it to use much less.

To participate in the VPP you need to maintain an active electricity account with Origin for 5 years, but which plan you'd like to be on is up to you! You can see available plans online, including details of the solar feed-in tarriff rates, or we can talk you through the options when you give us a call.

For more information about feed-in tariffs and how they work, head to our solar feed-in tarriff page.

If you are thinking of moving or selling your house in the next five years, this may not be the best solution for you. To paricipate, you need to remain an Origin electricity customer for five years and if you choose to leave early, exit fees will apply.

The amount charged on exit will vary depending on how long into the plan you decide to leave or move home.

For the full terms and conditions, read the Virtual Power Plant Terms Document (PDF 208 kB).