Thanks for moving with Origin

There’s a lot to do and remember when moving. So, let us take out the guess work by providing you with some FAQs to get ready for your electricity meter read.



Property is not connected (no lights) – connection and meter read is required

  • Distributor business hours: 8:00am and 6:00pm.
  • Special instructions: Distributor from Energex will leave a card in your letterbox or under the door with instructions on how to complete your connection once they have done their connection assessment.


  • If an appointment was arranged at the time of booking it will be either

8:00am – 1:00pm OR

9:00am – 2:00pm OR

10:00am – 3:00pm OR

11:00am – 4:00pm OR

12:00pm – 5:00pm OR

1:00pm – 6:00pm

Special instructions for appointments:

  • If personal belongings on site (including surrounding sheds and garages), regardless of value – someone 18 years and over be present from the agreed start time of the examination until the distributor has completed the work
  • Customers can only leave a key in the meter box or letter box IF there are no personal belongings at the property
  • Once the inspection is complete, the distributor will confirm the property is safe to be connected and will complete the connection on the spot
  • Appointment is free of charge, but if the appointment is missed or rules above aren’t met, this could result to a “truck site visit” where you will be charged a fee

Property is connected (lights work) – meter read is required

  • Distributor business hours: 8:00am and 4:00pm

Reminder: No locked gate(s) or dogs in yard. Clear access

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Questions we get asked a lot

Q: Will my electricity and gas meter be connected by the same distributor?

A: No. Electricity and gas distributors are different.

Q: Do I need to give the distributor clear access to the meter and switchboard before my scheduled connection/disconnection day? 

A: Yes. Connection/disconnection can only occur if the distributor has clear access to the meter. If your connection/disconnection is in South Australia, they’ll also need access to the main switch.

If you’re moving to a new home or business, and are unsure of where the meter is located or if there is clear access, please contact the property management company / real estate-agent. It’s best to do this before your electricity connection/disconnection date or meter read date.

Q: I’m not sure where the meter and switchboard are located. Does this matter?

A: Not necessarily, but we advise that you try to find out where they are prior to your connection date to ensure that there is clear access. This means that the meter is not behind any locked gates and there’s no risk accessing it (like tripping hazards or pets).

Distributors can only complete your connection or meter read when they have access to your meter (unless they can do so remotely – digital smart meters only, which are mostly installed in Victoria). If your distributor can not complete your connection/disconnection due to access issues, they may require you to make another booking and may charge a fee.

Q: What’s the different between a smart and a basic meter?

A: Digital smart meter measures how much electricity you’ve used and when. It allows retails like Origin to read your electricity usage remotely.

Whereas, a basic meter measures how much electricity you’ve used and when, but it does not send that information back to the retailer. This means that a meter reader physically comes to your home or business to record that information.

Q: What are the most common reasons for a distributor not connecting/disconnecting my power, or take a meter read?

A: Most common reasons for a connection/disconnection or a failed meter read are:

  • A pet, such as a dog is not in a closed off area, or not on a lead
  • If the area surrounding the gas meter has been left unkempt and things such as bird nests, bees nests and overgrown bushes, plants, weeds or trees are in the way
  • Gate is locked
  • Electricity meter has a lock
  • Someone under 18yrs of age is on site without an accompanying adult
  • Unattended personal belongings onsite without the owner present – applies only in QLD

If any of the above happens, you’ll need to request a new booking and in some cases the distributor may charge.

Q: What if my power isn’t on during the times specified by the distributor. What should I do?

A: It’s always good to remember that distributors will always do their best to stick to the time frames. However, sometimes connections/disconnections can take a little bit longer and their schedule may get pushed out. Please bear with them if you can.

Q: Can I make an appointment for my connection/disconnection?

A: Not all distributors offer appointments. If they do, and you meet certain criteria to warrant an appointment such as type of connection/disconnection required, location, meter type and other factors, then the distributor will offer this. We understand appointments are easier to manage when you are moving, however this is decided by the distributor and not Origin.

Q: How do I know if I have an appointment booked?

A: Appointments are subject to availability and only for physical visits where access is an issue. This would have been arranged at the time of booking your move. If you weren’t advised, the standard connection/disconnection time frames will apply.

Q: Can someone call me before the distributor arrives?

A: Distributors do not call before they arrive unfortunately.