Make a name change on your Origin account

How to add or remove a primary account holder

Change the primary account holder for your household

It’s pretty simple. We close down one account and open up another account, in a new name. Right now, we can only do it over the phone. Find out what you’ll need, and the right number to call, below.

Any of the below scenarios sound like yours?

If so, when you’re ready to transfer service across to a different name, we can help you out. Free of charge.


My housemate moved out

"I need to make a name change on the gas & electricity bill. "


I have a concession I’d like to claim

"I need to become the primary account holder."


I am dealing with a deceased estate

"I need to change the details on the energy account."

How to transfer utilities into someone else’s name

We transfer utilities within a household to a new name by simply ending one agreement and starting another. So, it’s important that we talk to the new account holder directly.

Before you pick up the phone, be sure the person taking over the electricity or gas bills is available to talk or ask them to call us directly; this will make it easy to transfer service into the new name.

You can save yourself some more time by skipping to the next section and finding out what’s required to get set up.

How to transfer utilities into your name

To change the primary account details on your energy account, give us a call. We will get a few basic details from you like your name, date of birth, phone number and email address.

Once we’ve created an account with your details and updated the primary name:

  • You’ll receive a new customer number and contract pack
  • You’ll need to create a new log in for My Account
  • A final bill will be issued to the original account holder
  • You’ll need to ask the old account holder for any prior bill history as you won’t see this on your new account


Call to change primary account holder

phone13 24 61

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