How does your household use energy?

Every single home in Australia uses energy, every single day. There are lots of ways to be energy efficient and cut down your usage. It’s easy when you know how.


Fast facts about Australian energy use

  • 23% of Australians have left their TV on to keep their pets company
  • 86% of Australians take showers longer than 5 minutes
  • Almost half (47%) of all Aussies leave their appliances plugged in at the wall when not in use

    Source: Good Energy Report II, prepared by Empirica Research for Origin Energy, April 2019.

Meet the housemates and watch their energy story


Did you know standby power is responsible for 5.9% of Australia’s total residential electricity consumption?

Don’t stand for standby power!

Standby power, also known as vampire power, silently sucks away at your energy even when your appliances are turned off. Just keeping an appliance plugged in can still use a small amount of power.

Switch your appliances off at the wall and you could save up to $100 each year. 

Smart savings, come rain or shine

Heating and cooling account for about half of an average home’s utility bills.

This is where you can start to make a real difference, right away. Being careful about how and when you use your air conditioner, and nudging down the heater even by a few degrees can save you dollars every day.

Winter energy savers

For some states in Australia winter can be a chilly time. It’s the time of year we flick the switch to turn on the heating, we pop the kettle on for another round of hot drinks, and linger a little longer in the shower to warm up.

  • Set your heating to 18-20 degrees. Each degree over that uses about 10% more energy!
  • Keep showers to 4-5 minutes. Hot water accounts for around 21% of home energy usage
  • Keep the heat inside with curtains or blinds. Windows can cool warm air by up to 40% – especially during winter months

Summer energy savers

The summers are getting hotter – and even the cooler states experience heatwaves. Aussies like to keep cool with a few chilled drinks with friends on the back deck or cranking up the split system in the lounge room. 

  • Try not do overdo it with the air-con over summer. While it does a great job of keeping your home cool, it can be expensive to run. When it’s under 30°C, try using a fan instead.
  • Use shading to block out the sun. Close curtains and blinds, and where possible make the most of outdoor blinds and shades, wide eaves, balconies, fences, louvres and plants or trees.
  • Air flow through your home not only keeps it fresh, but can also help to keep it cool. Open windows that are opposite each other for cross-ventilation.

Simple switches you can make today


Love coffee and tea? Make one bigger brew or use a thermos to avoid boiling the kettle multiple times.

Washing machine

Only wash full loads – which use just as much energy as a half-empty machine.


Door seals, draught-proofing strips and door snakes will help stop heat escaping – reducing your heating costs by up to 25%.

Good energy in action

  • Compare seasonal usage – check your bill history in the Origin app
  • Keep an eye on the weather, nudge the temperature up or down to your comfort levels without overdoing it
  • Complete an energy bill health check
  • Get to know all the switches around your house – should they be on or off?

You can check your energy usage in the Origin app, or there’s a table setting this out for you on your bill. This will give you a good understanding of your total energy usage for your bill period.

To take seasonal differences into account, compare your energy usage (in kWh or MJ) to the same bill period from the previous year (so long as you were with us at the same address at that time).

Switch on to savings with more ways to save

Managing bills made easy

EasiPay payment options means you can now align bill time with pay time. Our EasiPay payment plan makes it easier for you to know how much you’re going to pay – and when. It’s the good energy that’s more affordable.

6 ways a sustainable household can save you money

Whether it’s reducing your electricity bill or lessening your reliance on store-bought products, there are a number of ways to set yourself up for a better future – environmentally and financially.

Energy savings for South Australian homes and businesses

Energy retailers in South Australia are required to provide free or reduced energy efficient products for South Australian households and small-medium businesses. Learn how we can help you reduce your usage and costs.