Since our company formed in 2000, we’ve made huge investments in wind, geothermal, hydropower and solar technologies, both in Australia and overseas.

And while some of these technologies are yet to prove commercially viable, we’re definitely not giving up. In fact, growing our position in renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific region is one of our major priorities.

Wind power portfolio

330,0001 homes

Homes we can power through our wind power portfolio.

360,000 accounts

Customers with solar PV installed.

Leading green energy retailer2

We're Australia's largest green energy retailer providing GreenPower, Green Gas and Green LPG.

Our renewable portfolio 

Our activities in renewable energy span Australia, Chile and Indonesia.

In Australia, we own solar parks, a wind farm at Cullerin Range and a large wind development opportunity in Victoria. We’ve also underpinned the development of many other wind farms by signing long-term power purchase agreements, most recently for the Snowtown II Wind Farm, which under the terms of the 15-year agreement, sees Origin supplied with 100 per cent of the output.

Wind energy

We generate and also buy wind power from other wind farms across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, a combined generation capacity of around 800 MW.

We operate Cullerin Range Wind Farm in NSW, a 30 MW wind farm producing power with zero carbon emissions.

With TrustPower, we signed our largest ever wind power purchase agreement in which we are supplied the renewable energy generated by TrustPower’s Snowtown II Wind Farm in South Australia.

Located in Victoria’s central highlands, approximately 35km west of Ballarat, the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm has the potential to harness one of Victoria’s best wind resources. Stockyard Hill Wind Farm is expected to deliver significant economic benefits to the local community, create ongoing jobs, provide rent for participating landowners and a community fund.

How wind power works


We have more than 10 years experience in solar and solar technologies and further growing our solar business is one of our priorities. As one of Australia’s largest installers of solar panels, we've helped around 80,000 homes use solar energy.

We’re planning to build what will be Australia’s largest rooftop solar array. Under an agreement with the South Australian Government, Origin will build, own and sell the electricity generated by a 3 MW solar array to businesses in the Tonsley precinct in South Australia.

We own and operate two solar parks located in Ballarat and Bendigo. Our Solar Parks are designed to generate around 700 MWh3 of solar energy in total per year or enough to supply around 100 Australian4 homes with power.

Origin is also developing a utility scale photovoltaic (PV) solar plant in Queensland, known as the Darling Downs Solar Farm. It will be situated next to Origin's combined cycle gas fired power station near the town of Dalby. Download the newsletter for contact details and more information.

Through Energia Andina, our joint venture with Antofagasta Minerals in Chile, we hold a 40% stake in the 69 MW Javiera solar project located in the nation’s Atacama Desert. The project marks Origin’s first investment in utility scale solar not just in Chile but globally and it is also our first operating asset in the nation. As part of the transaction, Origin’s equity stake in Energia Andina is 49.9%.

Advantages of solar power


Through Energía Austral, our joint venture with Glencore, we’re assessing the potential for development of the 640 MW Cuervo hydroelectric plant in the Aysén Region of southern Chile.

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  1. Based on 700 MW portfolio of owned and contracted wind power, a conservative capacity factor of 35 per cent and average household electricity consumption of 6.5 MWh per annum.
  2. Comparison with other retailers is based on the GreenPower Accredited Renewable Energy Quarterly Report Q1 March 2014
  3. Based on 2013/2014 generation figures from the Solar Parks.
  4. Assumed household energy consumption of 6.5 MWh/annum