Once we find gas, we plan the safest way to extract it so we can then develop and deliver it to our customers. 

We look for gas

Our exploration and production portfolio includes the Bowen, Surat and Cooper / Eromanga basins in Central Australia, the Otway and Bass basins in Southern Australia, as well as interests in the Browse and Perth Basin in Western Australia and the Bonaparte and Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory. We also have exploration projects located in New Zealand in the Taranaki and Canterbury basins, as well as in Vietnam.

How natural gas gets to you


Once we’ve secured approvals from land owners, government and other stakeholders, we explore below the land and ocean beds for natural gas.


If we find gas, our engineers and analysts work out how to extract it. 


If feasible, we begin drilling wells to extract the gas. 

Gas processing

We process the extracted gas to remove unnecessary elements like water.

Gas pipelines

A network of pipelines distribute gas daily to residential and business customers.

Gas-powered stations

Some of the gas is sent to our gas-powered stations to make electricity.

We begin gas production

Once we explore areas and find that natural gas is viable to produce, we focus on production of that source to supply to our customers.

We supply around 11%1 of Australia’s gas. In Victoria, production from the Otway Gas Plant and Lang Lang (BassGas) processing plant is equivalent to around 30%2 of the state’s domestic gas demand.

Our production facilities are a combination of assets that we’ve acquired and others we’ve developed ourselves. We jointly own and wholly operate major gas-producing facilities in Australia and New Zealand, including the BassGas and Otway Gas Production plants in Victoria, coal seam gas (CSG) production plants as part of the Australia Pacific LNG Project in Queensland, and the Kupe Gas Project in New Zealand.

Surat and Bowen basins in Queensland

We have a number of CSG interests in southwest and central Queensland including the Galilee Basin and Denison Trough in the Bowen Basin. Our most sizeable activity relates to the Australia Pacific LNG project within the Surat and Bowen basins. Origin is the Upstream operator for Australia Pacific LNG and is responsible for the development of its CSG fields and the main transmission pipeline that transports the gas to the LNG facility on Curtis Island near Gladstone.

Australia Pacific LNG

The $24.7 billion Australia Pacific LNG project commenced production in late 2015, with the first cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipped on Saturday, 9 January 2016. The project converts coal seam gas (CSG) to LNG for export to Asia - delivering a cleaner, greener sustainable energy source. The project has a life span of at least 30 years and is a joint venture between Origin  37.5%, ConocoPhillips 37.5% and Sinopec at 25%.

Visit www.aplng.com.au


Ironbark is a wholly Origin owned project. The project is located in the Surat Basin, and is in the exploration and appraisal stage. This means that the economic and business potential of the proposed development is being evaluated. As part of this stage, Origin operates a small number of pilot, appraisal and monitoring wells.

The project aims to produce gas into a growing market in Australia, and if constructed it will bring employment, skills development and business opportunities to the Tara region. 

Cooper/Eromanga Basin in South Australia and Queensland


Through our joint venture with Santos and Beach Energy, we participate in production and exploration activities in the Cooper Basin spanning Queensland and South Australia. Santos is the operator of the Cooper Basin and Origin holds a 13.19% interest in the South Australian areas and 16.74% interest in the Queensland areas. 


In partnership with Senex Energy and Planet Gas, Origin is undertaking exploration activities in the Cooper Basin. The joint venture activity is divided into two key areas, with Origin holding a 40% interest in the first key area and a 30% participating interest in the second key area . 


Origin is the operator of the BassGas Project, a joint venture between Origin 42.5%, AWE 35%, Toyota Tsusho 11.25%, and Prize Petroleum International 11.25%.

The project consists of offshore wells in Tasmanian waters, with gas and liquids extracted using an offshore platform and transported via pipelines to the Lang Lang onshore processing plant in Victoria. Gas then travels via the Victorian Principal Gas Transmission Pipeline for sale to the domestic gas market.

BassGas has been designed to produce approximately 24 petajoules of natural gas per annum, as well as 1 million barrels of condensate or light oil product and 75,000 tonnes of LPG per annum.

Details of our current activities in the Bass Basin may be viewed here.


Origin is the operator of the Otway Gas Project, a joint venture between Origin 67.23%, Benaris 27.77% and Toyota 5%.

The Otway project consists of offshore gas fields, Thylacine in Tasmania and Geographe in Victoria, with gas and liquids extracted using an offshore platform and transported via pipelines to an onshore gas processing plant in Port Campbell, Victoria. 

The plant produces an average 60 petajoules of natural gas per annum, together with approximately 100,000 tonnes of LPG and approximately 800,000 barrels of condensate or light oil.

We supply domestic customers via the main gas pipeline network, as well as our gas-fired Mortlake Power Station in Victoria and the gas-fired Ladbroke Grove Power Station in South Australia.

Also in the Otway Basin but outside the Otway joint venture, we are developing the Halladale field for production and exploring the Speculant field. Both are offshore natural gas fields. 

Details of planned exploration activities within the Otway Basin may be viewed here.

Other basins

We have onshore production and exploration interests in the Perth Basin and offshore exploration interests in the Browse Basin, both in Western Australia, offshore exploration interests in the Bonaparte Basin in Western Australia and Northern Territory and onshore exploration interests in the Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory. Details of planned exploration activities within the Bonaparte Basin may be viewed here.


The Kupe Gas Project is operated by Origin and is a joint venture between Origin at 50%, Genesis Energy 31%, New Zealand Oil & Gas 15% and Mitsui E&P Australia 4%.

The project consists of an offshore platform with three production wells, a 30 km raw gas pipeline running from the platform to the shore, an onshore production station near Hawera, and light crude storage and export facilities near Port Taranaki in New Plymouth.

At capacity, the project provides approximately 20 petajoules of natural gas and 1.5 million barrels of light crude oil and LPG each year. Condensate will be exported to refineries in Australasia and the South Pacific.


This is a joint project between Origin 45%, Anadarko 45% and Discover Exploration 10%. Anadarko is the operator of the project, which includes an offshore deepwater exploration program targeting the Carrack-Caravel prospect about 60 km east of Dunedin.

Song Hong basin Block 121 VIETNAM

Our exploration in Vietnam is a joint venture between Origin 45% interest, Premier Oil Vietnam 121 40% interest and Pan Pacific Petroleum Vietnam (121) 15% interest.


  1. 11%: Origin Energy’s 2013 Annual Report states total volume of 127 PJ of gas sold.
  2. The Australian Energy Regulator’s State of the energy market 2013 (p. 90) reports annual consumption of 1,102 PJ.