At Origin, we are proud of the contribution we make to the Australian community and we are pleased to
present the company’s first Tax Contribution Report.

The purpose of this report is to provide a high level of transparency on our approach to tax and
further build on our recent efforts to simplify Origin’s financial statements. 

Since listing on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2000, our strategy has been to connect resources to markets. We explore, produce, transport and sell energy to power millions of Australian homes and businesses every day and play an integral role in shaping Australia’s energy future. The development and operation of our large scale energy projects create significant economic value. We distribute part of the value we create through the payment of taxes and royalties to federal and state governments. This report includes the reconciliation between Origin’s accounting profit to tax expense and tax paid, and is aligned with the Board of Tax’s voluntary tax transparency code. At Origin, we undertake all required tax compliance and reporting obligations. We are open and transparent about our tax arrangements and remain committed to enhancing our reporting.