Origin Energy Limited (Origin) advises that the Interest Rate in respect of the Origin Energy Subordinated Notes (Notes) for the Interest Period commencing on 22 September 2014 and ending on 21 December 2014 is 6.66% per annum.

The Interest Rate is calculated as the Bank Bill Rate on 22 September 2014 of 2.66% plus the Margin of 4.00%.

The Interest Payment will be made on 22 December 2014, unless it is optionally or mandatorily deferred in accordance with the terms of the Notes.

The table below outlines the key dates and the Interest Payment for the next Interest Period.

Interest payment date Record Date Ex-Date No. of Days in Interest period Interest Rate Interest Payment per Note
22 December 2014 12 December 2014 10 December 2014 91 6.66% $1.66

Unless otherwise defined in this notice, capitalised terms used in this notice have the same meaning as defined in the Origin Energy Subordinated Notes Terms.


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