Origin has committed to making energy simpler for customers, helping them more easily access and compare energy offers and continuing to prioritise help for those in hardship.

Origin CEO, Frank Calabria said, “We all agree energy must become clearer for customers, with offers easily compared between retailers and the extent and timing of benefits better understood.

“We want customers to be more informed and engaged, and to feel confident about the choice they’ve made in Origin.

“When prices rise, it’s critical we support people in hardship with their energy bills, so they can continue to turn on their lights and heat their homes.

“We’ve already announced that customers in our hardship program will not pay the most recent price increases. We’ve also earmarked $12 million to help customers in hardship with their bills.

“Origin already notifies customers when their discounts are coming to an end and outlines new offers available, and on the front page of a customers’ bill we clearly state the details of their offer and timeframe for the benefits ending. We commit to continue doing this, and to making our communication even clearer in terms of what will happen if customers do nothing.

“Energy prices are a whole of industry issue including networks, generators and retailers. While we don’t have a magic wand to fix everything alone, retailers are on a path to make energy simpler and to start providing relief to customers, and today was an important step forward for industry and governments working together.

“But let’s be clear, to deliver a genuine reduction in prices for Australians we must also find a way through on energy policy, including a Clean Energy Target. This is necessary to unlock investment in much needed new supply to replace our ageing coal-fired power stations, and transition us to a cleaner, more modern energy system,” Mr Calabria said.


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