Approximately 650 Urth Energy customers were automatically transferred to Origin yesterday following the Australian Energy Regulator’s confirmation that Urth Energy had been suspended from trading in the National Electricity Market. 

Origin’s Executive General Manager Retail, Jon Briskin said the transfer of customers to Origin only affects Urth Energy’s customers in parts of Queensland and New South Wales.                           

“The changes have no impact on customers who are with other energy retailers,” Mr Briskin said.

This action has occurred under the Retailer of Last Resort scheme, a regulatory mechanism designed to ensure customers in a competitive market continue to receive electricity or gas from a default provider in the event of a failed retailer. Origin is the designated retailer in the Energex network area in Queensland and the Essential and Endeavour network areas in New South Wales. 

“Origin will start contacting Urth Energy’s customers in the relevant markets to ensure they understand the situation, reassure them their energy needs will continue to be met and explain their supply options. 

“These customers are joining one of Australia’s largest energy suppliers, and are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss their energy needs,” Mr Briskin said. 

Affected residential and small business customers will be supplied with electricity on Origin’s standing offer rates in New South Wales and Queensland, respectively.  

Electricity consumed by customers under the Retailer of Last Resort arrangements from midnight will be payable by law to Origin until the customer makes alternative arrangements. Any outstanding customer accounts with Urth Energy remain the responsibility of Urth Energy.

For more information, affected customers can contact:

  • Origin on 1800 010 058 or visit for information on supply arrangements.
  • Australian Energy Regulatory (AER) at for details of other electricity retailers operating in your state.


Ryan Auger
External Affairs Manager
Mobile: +61 407 356 377