A new way for Victorian households and businesses to go solar without having to fork out the money to purchase a solar PV system is set to help many people overcome the cost barrier of moving to solar.

Research commissioned by Origin reveals that over 40 percent of Victorians surveyed consider the cost of installing a solar system as the main reason they have not yet made the move.1 Origin’s Solar as a Service fixes this problem by allowing households to have solar installed on their roof without the cost of the system or ongoing maintenance.

Eligible residents who sign up for Solar as a Service will be able to access solar power rates from 12.5 c/kWh with a 5kW system on a 15 year contract – which is less than half the average price of electricity in Victoria.2 This allows customers to enjoy the benefits of low solar energy costs and reduce the impact of their energy use on the environment.

Origin Executive General Manager Phil Mackey, said, "With Solar as a Service, eligible customers pay nothing upfront for the system as Origin owns, installs and maintains the solar system for them.  This means customers can relax, go green, and enjoy electricity cost savings from day one."

"Solar as a Service will help open up the market even further to people who may not have previously considered solar, or who thought it was too expensive," he said.

For Victorian business owners considering solar, this new offering provides a compelling opportunity to save on energy costs, improve cash flow and ultimately help a business’s bottom line.

"The key to maximising the benefit of your solar system is how much of your daytime consumption you can consume. So a business that has a constant, predictable energy demand during daytime hours is really ideally placed to get significant benefit from having solar."

Origin’s Solar as Service is available to households and to businesses within 100 km of Melbourne. Eligible home owners will receive a solar contract rate that is lower than what they are currently paying for energy from the grid, so customers who use a significant amount of electricity during the day can start saving with Origin’s new service from day one. Contract terms of 7, 10 and 15 years are available.

The potential savings customers can make will depend on variables including household location, size of the system, amount of energy consumed during the day and the length of the contract.

Not only is Origin Australia’s leading energy retailer, the Company has more than 360,000 customers with solar panels. Origin is also a leading installer of solar panels, installing more than 80,000 solar PV systems for customers around the country over the past decade.

Information about Solar as a Service is available at originenergy.com.au/newsolar


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About Origin Energy

Origin Energy (ASX: ORG) is the leading Australian integrated energy company focused on gas and oil exploration and production, power generation and energy retailing. A member of the S&P/ASX 20 Index, the Company has approximately 6,900 employees and is a leading producer of gas in eastern Australia. Origin is Australia’s largest energy retailer servicing 4.3 million electricity, natural gas and LPG customer accounts and has one of the country’s largest and most flexible generation portfolios with approximately 6,000 MW of capacity, through either owned generation or contracted rights.

Origin’s strategic positioning and portfolio of assets provide flexibility, stability and significant opportunities for growth across the energy industry. Through Australia Pacific LNG, its incorporated joint venture with ConocoPhillips and Sinopec, Origin is developing one of Australia’s largest CSG to LNG projects based on Australia’s largest 2P CSG reserves base.

In New Zealand, Origin operates oil and gas projects and holds petroleum exploration acreage.

Origin has a strong focus on ensuring the sustainability of its operations, is the largest green energy retailer in Australia and has significant investments in renewable energy technologies.

  1. According to Google research commissioned by Origin Energy June 2015
  2. Origin Energy, electricity cost in Victoria at 12.5 cents per kilowatt hour on a 5kW north facing, 15 year term with $999 buyout as opposed to peak average domestic rate 28cents per kWh (inclusive of GST, exclusive of supply charges) as at August 2015.