Message from our Chief Executive Officer 

I am pleased to present Origin’s first Modern Slavery Statement. Our purpose, getting energy right for our customers, communities and planet, demonstrates that we recognise the decisions we make within Origin can significantly affect the livelihoods of people and communities.

We recognise our responsibility and the opportunity to help eradicate modern slavery. We understand that this is key to running a sustainable business, as well as reflecting one of our core values: care about our impact.

We understand the importance of responsible procurement and ensuring that environmental, social and ethical considerations are taken into account when making procurement decisions. Together, our Human Rights Policy and responsible procurement approach, guide our management of modern slavery risks.

In FY2019 we began the assessment of modern slavery risks in our supply chains and introduced our Supplier Code and vendor Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

During FY2020, we expanded this approach and have built our understanding and enhanced our engagement with suppliers to identify and manage our modern slavery risks. We have done this through consultation with experts and by increasing awareness of the risk of modern slavery across our business.

We recognise that our people, suppliers and participants in our supply chain can contribute to combatting modern slavery. Consequently, we have expanded our grievance mechanism, the Origin ConcernLine, to include reporting of modern slavery concerns.

To continue to improve, we have developed a Modern Slavery Maturity Plan with clear actions, accountabilities and timeframes. We will complete these actions while continuing to remain up to date with industry and international best practice approaches through collaboration with suppliers, peers and advisors.

Any form of modern slavery is unacceptable, and I am proud of the work Origin has done and continues to do to assess and address the risk of modern slavery within our operations and supply chain.


Frank Calabria
Chief Executive Officer



We have released our first Modern Slavery Statement and recognise our responsibility to help eradicate modern slavery.