A reconciliation between Statutory and Underlying profit measures can be found in note A1 of the Origin Consolidated Financial Statements.

Income statement ($m)
Total external revenue12,09713,15714,72714,88314,107
Depreciation and amortisation expense(550)(509)(419)(381)(477)
Share of interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of equity accounted investees3(958)(1,303)(1,504)(1,194)(925)
Net financing costs(133)(126)(154)(278)(296)
Income tax benefit/(expense)(87)(177)(123)(339)(279)
Non-controlling interests(2)(3)(3)(3)(3)
Segment result and underlying consolidated profit3181,0231,0281,022550
Impact of items excluded from segment result and underlying consolidated profit net of tax(2,609)(940)183(804)(2,776)
Profit/(loss) attributable to members of the parent entity(2,291)831,211218(2,226)
Statement of financial position ($m)
Total assets21,03725,09325,74324,25725,199
Net debt/(cash)4,7865,6886,0847,2898,364
Shareholders’ equity – members/parent entity interest9,79512,68013,12911,80411,396
Adjusted net debt/(cash)44,6395,1585,4176,4968,111
Shareholders’ equity – total9,81512,70113,14911,82811,418
Cash flow
Net cash from operating and investing activities – total operations ($m)1,1831,8131,9142,6451,378
Key ratios
Statutory basic earnings per share (cents)(130.2)4.768.812.4(126.9)
Underlying basic earnings per share (cents)
Total dividend per share (cents)520 2525–  –  
Net debt to net debt plus equity (adjusted) (%)43229293642
Underlying EBITDA by segment ($m)
Energy Markets29911,4591,5741,811 1,492
Integrated Gas1,1351,7411,8921,5211,104
General Information
Number of employees4,9795,2325,3605,5655,894
Weighted average number of shares1,759,555,6631,759,801,1861,758,935,6551,757,442,2681,754,489,221
Integrated Gas
2P reserves (PJe)64,2524,2684,5994,7995,788
Product sales volumes (PJe)246251254255334
   Liquified Natural Gas (Kt)3,3703,2583,2573,2132,668
   Natural gas and ethane (PJ)59707377163
   Crude oil (kbbls)                                –                                  –                           –                           –                    1,209
   Condensate/naphtha (kbbls)                                –                                  –                           –                           –                    1,615
   LPG (kt)                                –                                  –                           –                           –                       144
Production volumes (PJe)263265255254323
Energy Markets 
Generation (MW) – owned6,0476,0296,0295,9816,011
Generation dispatched (TWh)1618202120
Number of customers (‘000)4,2664,2364,20074,1814,210
   Natural gas1,2491,2201,1911,1451,112
   Broadband33208–  –  
Electricity (TWh)3434363840
Natural gas (PJ)193204222214188
LPG (Kt)389417426450448

Annual Report 2021

Shareholder Review 2016

Annual Report

Our underlying business performance continued to improve across the year, allowing further debt reduction and distributions to shareholders.

Sustainability Report 2014

Sustainability Report 

Find out how we are getting energy right for our customers, communities and planet.



We act in accordance with the highest standards of personal safety and environmental performance, governance and business conduct.


1. Includes discontinued operations and assets held for sale unless stated otherwise.

2. Since FY2019, EBITDA includes premiums relating to certain electricity hedges within Underlying Profit. The equivalent amounts in prior years have not been restated in the above table. Had the amounts been adjusted, the impact to underyling EBITDA in each period would have been a reduction in each year is as follows: FY2018 $(160) million; and FY2017 $(141) million.

3. Origin discloses its equity accounted results in two lines: ‘share of EBITDA of equity accounted investees,’ included in EBITDA; and ‘share of interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of equity accounted investees,’ included between EBITDA and EBIT.

4. Total current and non-current interest-bearing liabilities only, less cash and cash equivalents excluding APLNG related cash, less fair value adjustments on hedged borrowings.

5. Dividends represent the interim and final dividends determined for each FY. This includes the final dividend for FY21 determined on 19 August 2021 to be paid on 1 October 2021. The amounts paid within each FY are 22.5c, 30c ,10c, 0c and 0c respectively.

6. 2018 excludes Lattice Energy (continuing operations basis shown).

7. Total number of customers restated to include Broadband customers.

8. June 2020 LPG customer accounts restated to include ~2,500 Asia Pacific customer accounts.