As noted on 14 October 2013, this notice is to advise that Contact Energy has concluded its Retail Fixed Rate Bonds buyback program. Origin Energy holds 53.09% of quoted ordinary shares in Contact Energy Limited. 

The following information is provided in accordance with NZSX Listing Rule 7.12.1:

Class of securities issued Retail Fixed Rate Bonds (CEN010)
Total number of securities acquired 3,905,000 Bonds
Total consideration for securities acquired $4,004,934.65
Payment in cash Yes
Any amount paid up (if not in full) Paid in full
Percentage of total class acquired 0.73%
Reasons for the acquisition Under the retail bond buyback programme
Specific authority for the acquisition Directors’ Resolution
Any terms or details of the acquisition Not Applicable
Total number of securities after acquisition 534,117,000 Bonds
Date of acquistion 19 December 2013
Intention for Bonds acquired Cancellation

With this final disclosure notice, Contact advises the closure of the current CEN010 buyback programme.

Paul Ridley-Smith
General Counsel