Working towards a cleaner energy future

There are heaps of ways we can all work towards a cleaner energy future, from getting out of coal, to investing in renewables, being smart with your usage and making the most of things like carbon offsetting. Here you’ll find a rundown of just a few of the ways we can all work towards making good change, together.

Changing how we all think about energy

At Origin, we’re committed to leading the transition to a cleaner energy future. As part of this, we proposed the early closure of the Eraring Power Station in 2025, seven years ahead of schedule. We also recently received approval for a large-scale battery to be installed at the Eraring site. The proposed battery has an overall capacity of up to 700 MW and a dispatch duration of four hours, making it Australia’s largest battery project to achieve planning approval to date.

As well as looking at how we can make our generation assets cleaner, we’re also working on developing innovative low-emissions technologies. One of these projects, in partnership with NSW government, involves supplying green hydrogen produced using renewable electricity and installing a refuelling station for a hydrogen-powered electric bus being trialled on NSW’s Central Coast.

How can you make good changes to your energy?

Every single Australian can also help to reduce emissions. This can be as simple as signing up to GreenPower, a government led program that’s all about putting more renewable energy into the grid. When you sign up you can choose 25%. 50% or 100% GreenPower. Whichever option you choose, the equivalent percentage of your electricity consumption is annually matched with renewable energy back into the grid, so we can reduce the amount of non-renewables overall.

You can also sign up to Origin Spike, which rewards you for using less energy during peak times. And, if you have solar, you can join Origin Loop, our virtual power plant.

Let’s talk carbon offsets

Carbon offsets or carbon credits are sourced from sustainable projects that aim to offset the carbon that has already been released in the atmosphere.

Once you’ve reduced your emissions overall, carbon offsets are a great way to continue to reduce your carbon footprint.

How do I offset my energy?

When you’re with Origin you can opt-in to Origin Go Zero or Green Gas.  Both Origin Go Zero and Green Gas products are certified carbon neutral by Climate Active, a government backed initiative that promotes voluntary climate action.

Origin Go Zero can be added on to your electricity plan and Green Gas can be added to your natural gas plan making your energy 100% carbon neutral.

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