Centralised Energy Services for your development

What are Centralised Energy Services?

Origin’s Centralised Energy Services include Embedded Electricity Networks, Serviced Hot Water, and Natural Gas for residential high rise buildings.  Origin’s services allow the bulk purchase of energy, meaning that end users benefit with great energy rates.

By choosing Origin Centralised Energy Services for your development, all energy is purchased by Origin supplied Master Meters (often called Gate or Parent meters). All of the residents and tenancies within the development are then supplied energy through privately owned and operated apartment meters, under our retail energy licences.

At Origin, we operate Embedded Networks that allow us to deliver Electricity, Serviced Hot Water and Gas solutions to high rise residential buildings, reducing the need for developers to engage with the Local Network Service Providers (LNSP’s) for metering, which can help avoid construction difficulties and sometimes delays. 


A centralised energy service delivers greater customer experience. The installation of type 4 electricity metering solutions contributes to green star ratings for your building.

We partnered with Pace Development Group on the above residential development called 181 Fitzroy St, St Kilda to deliver their embedded electricity, natural gas, serviced hot water and a solar PV solution. 

The Benefits

Hardware is supplied and maintained

Electricity and hot water meters are installed to your schedule at no cost to the developer. Hardware is also maintained for the life of the agreement. Gas meters are no longer needed when our solution is adopted.

Green credentials

If you’re looking at getting some green credentials under your belt, we can supply and install solar PV and other renewable energy initiatives.

Great pricing terms

We’re able to offer ongoing favourable pricing terms for home occupants, with no minimum length contracts.  We also offer discounted rates for common property energy usage, helping to offset strata levies.

Management of site electricity and gas connection

Since we manage the site electricity and gas connection process, there’s reduced need for the developer to engage with the Local Network Service Providers (LNSP’s) for metering, which can help avoid construction difficulties and sometimes delays.

Ongoing support

You’ll have the support and backing of Australia’s largest energy retailer with an in-house billing system, customer service network and emergency response centre. 

At Origin we can add value by partnering with developers and builders to design, supply and implement Serviced Hot Water solutions and Embedded Electrical Networks. 

A seamless solution that also incorporates:

  • photovoltaic solar installations
  • power storage solutions
  • electric vehicle charging points 

All of these solutions are supported by our smart metering platforms. In most developments Origin can supply a mix of these technologies at no cost.

Did you know that we deliver smart and bundled energy solutions for high density residential and commercial developments?  We currently supply hot water services and embedded electricity to more than 120,000 apartments across more than 3,500 medium and high-rise buildings.

Our Credentials

  • ASX Top 20 company
  • 20 years of expertise, experience and knowledge providing centralised services nationally
  • 3,500 buildings with centralised solutions servicing 120,000 customers
  • 4.2 million customers nationally
  • Australia’s largest energy retailer
  • Brand strength, awareness and security

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