A guide to getting internet connected when renting

Moving house is a mammoth task as is, but if you’re renting, you’ll also need to remember to organise your internet along with your other utilities ahead of moving into your new place. With so many of us now working from home, and Netflix binges becoming second nature on weekends, a working internet connection as soon as you move-in is now a necessity.

Our handy guide will help step you through the process of setting up the internet at your new digs.

(Internet) plan ahead

The first step is to choose which Origin internet plan is right for you. You can choose from a variety of speeds to suit the way you use the world wide web. When setting up your internet connection, you’ll need all the necessary hardware, including a modem. The modem you’ll require will depend on if you are connecting to the nbn™ or broadband fibre. Setting up your modem can feel overwhelming if you’re not especially tech savvy, but don’t sweat it, our modem set up guide will help make it a breeze.   

Connecting to the nbn™

Good news, if the nbn™ connection is already installed at your property, and you’re renting, you won’t need landlord approval to connect! You’ll just need to go through the process of selecting your provider. However, if this isn’t the case, as you don’t own the property, you’ll need consent from the owner to have an nbn™ connection installed. If you’re not in direct contact with your landlord, it’s recommended that you get in touch with your property manager or real estate agent to get the go ahead for organising the installation.

While the majority of Australian addresses are now ready to connect to the nbn™, you’ll need to check your address to make sure it’s available. The nbn™ address search tool might be able to help you understand the type of connection your new home will have. Not familiar with all the connection types? We’ve got a guide for that! Our Internet Jargon 101 will arm you with the basics (and have you speaking the lingo in no time).

Bundle it

Everyone loves to save some coin on their bills. If you’re looking to make the full switch to Origin, or you’re already an electricity, natural gas or hot water customer, you can bundle your internet and energy together and get $10 a month off your internet bill. Easy peasy!

Need for speed?

If you need to switch up your speed, or your plan, you can change your Origin internet plan to one that suits your needs at any time – there’s no fee. Keep in mind that if you’re upgrading your plan before the end of your monthly billing cycle, you’ll need to pay the difference between your current plan and the new plan.

We’ve got a range of internet plans available to suit whatever your household’s needs may be. Ready to make the switch to award-winning internet?

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