DIY vs movers – should you move with professionals?

When moving, there’s a big choice to make. Should you move house yourself, or should you hire professional help to move the bulk of your belongings for you? We’ve pulled together some of the main pros and cons for each, so you don’t need to go to the trouble of making a list.

Moving yourself

Cash savvy

Pros: DIYing your move will keep the costs down as hiring a van, and bribing your mates with some pizza, is cheaper than hiring a crew of movers.  

Cons: Expect to get your hands dirty as you move the larger items in your home, such as the fridge, couch or washing machine (make sure you know how to lift correctly so that you don’t hurt yourself). Handling the move yourself also tends to be the more stressful option, so make sure you’re armed with a moving checklist to help keep the overwhelm to a minimum.

You’re the boss

Pros: Managing the move yourself means you can operate on your own schedule – sort of. If you’re hiring a van, there will be some time pressure to move all your large items as you’ll be paying by the hour, but you can move smaller items at your own pace.

Cons: Expect the process to take a bit longer as you, and the mates you’ve roped into helping, aren’t seasoned professionals. It’ll more than likely take a little more time to transport your belongings.

Handle with care

Pros: You get to oversee how your delicate, and sentimental, items are packs. Because you’re in charge, you can also make sure you pick the most sustainable packing options to help reduce your footprint during the moving process. There are also a bunch of creative moving hacks that can help keep your fragile items safe and help you save some dollars on packing supplies in the process.

Cons: The drawback to DIYing your packing is you won’t have insurance should something take a tumble during the move. Home and contents won’t cover this, so remember you’ll be shelling out for the replacement. You could take out transit insurance, but that would be an additional cost to consider.

Get creative when packing with our moving hacks

Hiring professional movers

Pay to play

Pros: There’s less on your plate. Paying for movers will give you more time to focus on packing/unpacking and settling into your new home. By palming off the heavy lifting, you’ll also have time to focus on the life admin that comes with moving, like switching your utilities over, updating addresses and scoping out your new neighbourhood.

There’s no sugar coating it, you’ll be parting with some sweet cash. It’s no surprise that you’ll pay more to have professionals helping you move. If you’re on a tight budget, or saving for something special, this may not be the right option for you.

Did someone say efficient?

Pros: Choosing movers means your move will likely be quicker. Hired professionals will know the most effective way to move the items out of your house – meaning you’ll avoid that awkward couch shuffle down the stairs or around those awkward corners. If time is of the essence, or you’re injured or don’t have the strength to move large items, this will make a world of difference for you.

Cons: Letting the professionals handle your precious items is almost a version of a trust fall. Even if you know your removalist’s insurance covers the cost of any damage caused during the move, nothing can replace something that’s sentimental in value, so it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable with the moving company you choose.

Moving house is stressful enough, so let us take care of getting your energy connected. With our Move Promise we’ll make sure your power’s on the next business day (when you book online before 1pm Monday to Friday). For added peace of mind, our Moves Promise guarantees that in the event we can’t power your home the next business day, we’ll give you $400 (incl GST) credit per day for related expenses.*

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