5 simple tips to pack like a pro when moving house

Packing your entire home into boxes is time consuming enough, but if you’re not organised, you might find yourself spending all your downtime trying to get it sorted. With a few simple packing hacks, you can spend more time enjoying your new place instead of wrangling with the packing tape dispenser. 

Create a system to label your boxes

While it’s common knowledge to pack your boxes based on the room that your items belong to, you can take your box packing to another level. Labelling each box with a number ranking its content’s importance to your way of life (e.g. 1 = important, like cutlery and plates, 5 = unimportant, like books and decorative items) will make things easier when it’s time to unpack as you’ll know which boxes to open first and which ones can wait.

Separate crockery with linen

To save your crockery from damage as you move, it’s necessary to put cushioning between each plate or bowl. However, rather than wasting money on an excessive amount of bubble wrap (that will also become landfill), you can use your existing linen to wrap up your kitchenware. Saving you time and money when packing and unpacking. If you wrap them between tea towels and dish cloths, chances are they’re all going to end up in the kitchen storage anyway.

Pack your books in suitcases

Many of us have accumulated quite a collection of books, the issue is they can be cumbersome to pack up and transport come moving day. There’s also nothing more demoralising than having your books split open your cardboard box and fall through the bottom (potentially damaging their spines). A great solution is to pack your books in travel suitcases. Not only are they sturdier than cardboard boxes, but many have wheels making moving them between houses a breeze.

Wrap hanging clothes in garbage bags

Separating clothes from their hangers and packing them separately is a waste of time. A quick solution is to wrap 5-10 items in garbage bags as if it is a garment bag and tighten the bag around the top of the coat hangers. Using this method will save you time packing and money on cardboard boxes, you can also reuse them to clean up when you’re in the new place – a win-win.

Prevent cord tangles with toilet rolls

Packing all of your appliance cords together is a recipe for disaster that can result in the equivalent of untangling fairy lights at Christmas (no thanks!). Save yourself the hassle (and hours of frustration) by packing them into old toilet paper rolls and marking what each cord is for with a Nikko pen on the outside. If you haven’t got the time to hoard toilet rolls, you can opt for Ziplock bags instead (and if you’ve got reusable Ziplock bags – even better). This handy hack makes it easy to match each cord to it’s appliance at the end of your moving day.

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