Rituals to season your new home

Have you ever wondered how other cultures celebrate moving into a new home? Here are some unique cultural traditions and rituals to increase the odds of a lucky start in your new pad.

Get off on the right foot

Let’s face it. When moving house, a lot can go wrong. Behind many moves are tales of accidents and hiccups. Some small, like misplacing the new key. Some large, like dropping an ancient family heirloom. But packing up and moving your life also presents a new beginning, so it’s best to make sure you do everything in your power to start things off right. Dive in and see which rituals take your fancy for an auspicious move.

A pinch of salt

Many are superstitious when it comes to superstitions but nevertheless this easy tip can help dispel any negative juju that might be lying about. Apparently, aside from adding some pizazz to food, salt has many other attributes. It’s common in Scotland for family and friends to bring salt to a new house as a housewarming gift. Folks will then take the salt and scatter it throughout the house, sprinkling it about here and there, as it’s supposed to ward off evil spirits from entering your new home. Take a generous pinch of your desired salt to fend off pesky demons.

Paws for consideration

Russians have a particularly unique tradition when one takes possession of a new house. In Russia, it’s considered good luck to let a cat be the first to walk across the threshold of your new home. Felines supposedly become acquainted with the space and scare any possible evil hobgoblins that may be lurking about. This ritual is so important that one Russian bank decided to offer a ‘loaner cat’ for two hours to any customer who takes out a mortgage. In fact, they even have a bonafide envoy of cats specifically enlisted for such occasions. So, when you first turn the key of your new abode, consider sourcing a cat for some additional pawsperity.

Enter like an expert

When it comes to sense and sensibility, it’s not always about how you enter a room that matters, but from where you enter it. When the handover happens and you finally arrive, keys in hand, make sure to enter through the main door of the property. In the land of Ireland, it’s also essential that when you exit for the first time, exit through the same door you entered from. Unless you perform this simple ritual, some hold the belief that you may never fully settle in. 

Get a jade plant and avoid being jaded

Commonly referred to as a ‘money tree’, the Jade plant is a succulent that’s evergreen with possible powers. According to Chinese tradition, Jade plants are often gifted as housewarming gifts, as they’re thought to activate financial energies and welcome wealth and good fortune into a new property. Often placed at the entrance of homes to attract prosperity, the vibrant verdant leaves resemble Jade stones, which are symbolic of growth and renewal. So next time you’re in a nursery and unsure of which plant to pick, pick up a Jade plant for some extra luck.

So fresh and so clean

There’s no sugar-coating it, moving can be a sweaty, dirty affair so freshly washed clothes are a welcome thought after a day of heavy lifting. To celebrate change, and welcome fresh beginnings, the folks from South Korea would often bring a common yet unique gift to housewarming parties – laundry detergent.  This item is said to symbolise purity and prosperity whilst also being a practical gift that was once considered a luxury item.

Make your money jiggle jiggle

It might be time to crack open the piggy bank and whip out some coins. Not because you’ll need loose change to buy new furnishings – but to throw away. Well, not exactly throw away. In the Philippines, it’s customary for a new homeowner to toss coins around the living room on their moving day. Scattering loose change about your living room is supposed to provide good luck and bring monetary prosperity. Once the ritual has been performed, it’s then encouraged to place a small pile of coins in every corner of the house. But, be careful! If these decorative coins are picked up before the next moving day, it could remove the financial luck of the homeowner. You’ve been warned. 

Give evil spirits the blues

The colour blue and its many shades evokes plenty of emotions. And when it comes to picking the right colour for our new home, finding the perfect shade can be especially challenging. For those living in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, picking the right colour for your abode is absolutely essential. According to Southern legend it’s customary to paint the roof of your porch blue. But not any blue – it must be a particularly soft, lighter shade of blue referred to as ‘haint blue’. In Gullah folklore, evil spirits, or malicious ghosts, are known as ‘haints’. Painting the roof of your porch repels these evil spirits as the colour is supposed to mimic water – to keep any nasty spirits at bay. Consider adding a small touch of ‘haint blue’ to the entrance of your new place to keep out any negative energies.

Get the party started

Last, but by no means least, is an activity that’s universally accepted as a prime moving-in essential. The housewarming party. The actual tradition of housewarming parties historically took on a very different meaning. During Mediaeval times, villagers would invite neighbours into their domicile to literally warm the house, often bringing firewood as gifts. As time progressed the act has continued as an ideal way to welcome life in your new home, filling your new space with joviality, laughter, and banter with the ones you love. And nothing brings good energy into a new space more than a funky curated playlist. For some beat conductor inspiration, check out our Grooves for smooth moves playlist:

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