Discover your new neighbourhood eats with these apps

Moving house takes a lot of time and settling into a new neighbourhood can take even longer.

We’ve put together a list of our fav food apps to help you discover your new local coffee shop, restaurant or café – and settle in a little quicker.

1. Uber Eats

If you don’t already have Uber Eats on your phone, it’s worth the download. You can browse nearby restaurants from your phone and order your dinner straight from the couch.

Best of all? They do contactless delivery and you can track how far away it is, so you don’t need to guess when your food will be arriving.

There’s also a new feature that let’s you know which restaurants are likely to be sharing delivery with someone else in your area, to help you save on delivery costs.

2. Happy Cow

Vegetarian, plant based or just trying to eat less meat? Happy Cow will show you all the vegan friendly options nearby, including cafes, restaurants, bakeries and even grocers – and you can filter by delivery or take-away. You can also connect with other likeminded people using their ‘social’ option in the app. 

3. Zomato

The Zomato app can help you find the best local nosh. Not only can you search by area, you can also filter by take-away, cuisine and meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). If your neighbourhood is in a state that’s allowed to dine out, you can also book a table from the app. Our favourite feature? Zomato allows you to scroll through photos taken by other diners, read reviews and view the menu – making it a cinch to figure out what you want to order before you even step foot in the restaurant.

4. Door Dash

A, dare we say it, newer player to the Aussie food app game – Door Dash has a huge variety of foodie options. Whether you’re looking for an easy dinner on move-in night or looking to treat yourself to a lush dessert to reward yourself for all your hard work, Door Dash has plenty of options! They also offer contactless delivery.

5. Providoor

Okay, this one is a little bit cheeky of us as it’s technically not an app, but if you’ve moved into a new suburb that happens to be within a 30km radius of Melbourne and have a special occasion coming up, like an anniversary or birthday, Providoor might be just what you’re looking for. Providoor deliver some of Melbourne’s best restaurants to your door – think Supernormal, Maha, Movida and Tokyo Tina. The food’s prepared by chef’s and designed for you to finish off the cooking at home. So if you’re stumped on how to entertain for that upcoming special occasion, this might just be the answer.

Providoor’s currently available to suburbs within a 30km radius of Melbourne but rumour has it they’ll be expanding to other capital cities in the future.

6. Ywaste

In need of an afternoon pick me up after all the heavy lifting and unpacking?  Want to reduce food waste at the same time? With the Ywaste app you can. Ywaste helps you discover local eatery’s and purchase excess food for a discounted price – perfectly good food that would otherwise go to landfill. So, you’ll not only save some coin, but you can eat that discounted almond croissant knowing you’re also doing good.

7. Menulog

Menulog has an array of restaurants to choose from, right from the palm of your hand. The app lets you choose based on cuisine, displays customer ratings (so you know exactly which local Thai place does the best Pad Thai in town) and allows you to choose whether you want your food delivered ASAP or later. All you need to do is pop in your new postcode, decide on what takes your fancy and enter your delivery address.

8. Deliveroo

Another reliable favourite, Deliveroo lets you scroll through your local culinary treasures from the comfort of your home. Offering contactless delivery and tracking, this app also lets you select from the pick of the bunch by displaying customer ratings next to each restaurant.

9. Skip

One of life’s simple joys is finding your local coffee spot. With Skip, you can browse local cafes, check out what’s on offer and pre-order (and pay for) your coffee/eats from the app – skipping the queue. A handy app for grabbing coffee on the way to work and a great way to continue to practise social-distancing whilst supporting local.

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