How to make your SpikeHours smarter

Smart devices are transforming the way households take control of their energy use. We take a look at how smart tech can help level up your energy-efficiency at home and during SpikeHours.

What are smart devices?

You’ve probably heard a lot of chatter about smart devices but what exactly are they and how can you use them to your advantage?

Some smart devices can communicate with other wireless devices, allowing you to switch appliances on and off via your smartphone. They can control a range of different appliances around your home, from home theatre systems, lights and even split systems. You can even set up certain rules or queues to get the most out of them – think turning the AC down to a specific setting when it’s a certain time (or even temperature outside).

What do smart devices have to do with Spike?

A lot! Incorporating smart devices that connect, monitor and help you consume less energy throughout the home will help reduce your overall energy use – and increase your chances of earning Spike Points! If you want to take things to the next level, Spike members can automate energy savings by connecting their own smart devices, like smart plugs and AC controllers, via My Account.

Once connected, Origin can request permission via SMS to remotely manage registered smart devices during a SpikeHour, meaning you can sit back, relax and enjoy your SpikeHour – instead of running around the house switching everything off.

Where can I buy them?

With only a few rounds of our Spike Championship left, Origin’s Spike store is your one-stop shop to amplify your Spike game and get your hands on smart devices that can help harness your competitive edge.

Ready to go shopping?

Simple but effective smart devices you can introduce to your home include smart air conditioner controllers like the Sensibo Sky WiFi Controller, starting from $129.00. 

Traditional air conditioners can chew up a lot of energy, particularly if they aren’t set to a comfortable – and efficient – 24 degrees celsius, but the Sensibo Smart Controller allows you to manage your AC from your phone, anywhere anytime. 

Or why not start small with a TPLINK Smart Plug KP 115, retailing from $29.00 on the Origin Spike store. 

Smart plugs connect to your smart phone allowing you to remotely manage and control appliances, such as air conditioners, lights and sound systems scheduling timers to switch off devices automatically. The technology is also a great way to analyse which devices in your home use the most energy. This allows you to adjust appliances, or your energy habits, accordingly to hit your energy-efficiency goals.

Want to get rewarded for saving energy?

Spike is our energy-saving rewards program. During periods of peak demand on the grid, which we call SpikeHours, we invite Spike members to reduce their energy usage. If you hit, or beat, your forecasted energy usage during the hour you’ll earn Spike Points which can be redeemed for either PayPal cash or gift cards!

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