Crafty ways to spend SpikeHours

In the age of TikTok and smartphones, finding time for hobbies can sometimes take a backseat. With our energy-saving rewards program, Spike, there’s an hour a week you can dedicate to spending time offline – and as a bonus you’ll be saving energy and earning rewards too.

What is Spike?

Spike is our energy-saving rewards program. During periods of peak demand on the energy grid, we run regular SpikeHours where Spike members are encouraged to reduce their energy use and meet personalised energy-saving targets.

Spike members that successfully reduce their energy use and meet their forecasts during Spike Hours are rewarded with SpikePoints which can be redeemed for PayPal Cash or gift cards.

SpikeHours are also a great time to take up hobbies or simply bring out the arts and crafts. With dedicated hours set aside weekly to switch off devices – AKA distractions – SpikeHours present the perfect opportunity to save energy and try something new. 

You’ve heard of paint and sip, how about paint and save?

Being crafty doesn’t have to be confined to photo collages from magazines or helping the kids with paper mache. Simple things like giving your old indoor pot plant a makeover or even adding a homey touch to your entryway can be small but fun ways to refresh the home and keep your energy use low during SpikeHours. So, next time the call goes out to reduce energy and help the grid, consider adding a fresh lick of paint here and a personal touch there! 

Not sure where to start? Why not download a YouTube tutorial like this one and start creating the next piece for your home.

Take a walk down memory lane

It’s no question the physical photo albums many of us had growing up have quickly been replaced by Instagram and thousands of photos hoarded on your smartphone. But while times have changed, the thoughtfulness behind photo albums remains the same. And, in the spirit of the 90s being back in vogue (cue butterfly hair clips), we figure it’s time to bring them back!

Perhaps it’s a photo wall of polaroids decorated with some energy-efficient battery-powered fairy lights, or a mini photo album as a gift to a special person of all the fun times you had together. Either way, creating physical copies of your favourite memories in a gift form or just for yourself, is a great way to spend SpikeHours and reminisce along the way.

Time for a yarn

With temperatures dropping, energy-savvy ways for fighting off the chill are top of mind. Thankfully, we’ve got just the thing to make the most of your SpikeHours and provide that extra layer of warmth; knitting!

Knitting can be wrongly dismissed as daggy or something your grandma used to do, but we assure you, it’s quite the opposite. A perfect winter hobby, knitting has quickly become popular once more thanks to vintage trends. Think oversized sweaters, large woven blankets for cuddling up in, or cute knitted creatures for kids, the list – and yarn – is endless. Better yet, pop on a playlist and get your friends, family or housemates involved and host a knitting night-in.

What’s your vision?

Arts and craft activities such as vision boards are a great way to make the most of time off devices by manifesting and visualising goals you hope to accomplish. Simply cut out, print off or glue on images or text to a blank canvas that helps motivate you to work towards your goal.

Not sure where to start? The sky’s the limit with a good vision board. Perhaps it’s putting together your 6-12 month plan, visualising what that next promotion looks like, or stepping out your savings goals to book your dream holiday. For inspo to get your creative juices flowing, check out this vision board tutorial.

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