4 tips for a good energy switch

From the moment we wake up to the end of the day, energy powers up our lives. We’ve spoken to the experts to bring you a few tips to switch on that good energy.  

Whether it’s firing up the coffee machine, switching on the radio for your morning tunes or turning on the TV at night for your favourite shows, energy plays a pivotal role in our lives.

Now that more of us are at home than ever before, we take a look at how to enjoy those daily tasks while keeping the costs down on your energy bills.

1. Change with the seasons

In winter, try turning the heater down to 18-20 degrees, close your blinds and shutters to keep the heat inside, and limit your showers to under 4-5minutes.

In summer, try using a fan instead of aircon when its 30 degrees or under and open windows to create airflow.

Join Catherine, Rami and Rhianna as they pick up some simple tips and switches to help them manage their energy use. 

2. Turn off power at the switch

Standby power, which is also known as vampire power, refers to the energy drawn down by an appliance when it’s not in use.

An easy way to avoid the silent energy zapper is to switch your appliances off at the wall.

3. Switch up your routine

Sometimes it’s our routines or the time we do our tasks that are costing us. With some small switches in thinking we can reduce our usage.

Think about turning on the washing machine only when you have a full load. Try to wash outside of peak hours, and use your washing line instead of using the dryer on warmer days.

These and other energy tips could help you save on your yearly usage and bills.

Alexandra, Dean and Dom all have different jobs, different hobbies and different habits. Find out how these three housemates work together to create some new routines.

4. Get the right tools

Download the My account app, which helps you to view and track your energy use. It helps you to remove the guesswork from what’s creating energy spikes in your home. Check out our energy pricing fact sheets, too, to help you understand your energy rates better.

Join Adrian, Gail and Clint as they switch up some of their energy habits and discover the power of the Origin app. 

Whether it’s making slight adjustments to your daily routine or downloading apps to help you make that good energy switch, we’ve got you covered.  

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