How to minimise stress when moving house

There’s no sugar-coating it, moving house is a big job – and one that many of us are often overwhelmed by. The good news is by incorporating some simple tricks, you can minimise the headaches that come with moving house.

Organisation is key

Planning before you pack will make things run more smoothly. The first step is to do a good declutter. Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and start decluttering by item (clothes, books, miscellaneous, etc) and if you can, start the process in the month leading up to your move.

By donating and discarding what you don’t need in your new place, you’ll save precious packing time – and space! Decluttering doesn’t mean you need to just give everything the heave ho, there are also plenty of sustainable hacks you can incorporate during this process.

Decluttering can also include eating everything in your fridge – no not like Joey on that episode of Friends – if you plan your meals for the weeks ahead of your move you can often find a way to use up all those bits and pieces in your pantry too. The less you have to move the better, and moving with a full fridge can be annoying to juggle (who wants to deal with eskies and ice on top of hauling furniture?).

Once you’ve had a good clean out, plan out what is most important for when you first move in. By organising your necessary items such as kitchen items, cutlery, crockery and clothes, you can set aside their boxes to ensure they are easy to find when you need them. There’s nothing worse than rummaging through box after box to find one small item, so keep all the important things together! Better yet, pack yourself a ‘first night’ box that includes all the essentials in one box.

Pack a box of ‘first night essentials’

Many hands make light work

You don’t have to move by yourself. Try and rally some friends and family members to give you a hand – maybe you can bribe them with the promise of pizza and a few drinks after a day’s work. As an added bonus, it might mean you’ll have access to more vehicles, making transporting your boxes more efficient. If you’re on the fence about DIYing your move, it might be worthwhile looking into hiring some professional movers. While there will be an added cost, they can help make sure your move runs smoothly – and it frees up your time to set up the new place. There are pros and cons to both, so make sure you weigh up which option’s right for you before committing.

Map out where your furniture will go

Big items such as furniture, TV’s, beds are big and heavy to carry. Map out where all your items are going in your new home before your move to ensure you are not making decisions on the fly. If you’re dealing with narrow hallways or doorways, it might be a good idea to grab the measurements of your chunkier items ahead of attempting to shimmy them through. This will save you time and energy and potentially prevent dings in the walls too.

Have the end in mind

Life keeps going even after you move. It’s easy to overlook simple life necessities when you have been so focused on the move itself. So nothing is missed, envision your first couple of days in your new home. Arrange to get some groceries delivered to your place to ensure you don’t wake up with an empty fridge or pantry.

Get connected

There’s nothing worse than moving into a house with no power or internet – especially during an Aussie summer. Moving home means you’ll need to get power connected at your new address.

At Origin, we make moving house easy. With our Move Promise we’ll make sure your power’s on the next business day (when you book online before 1pm Monday to Friday). We’re with you every step of the way.

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