So Watt? you ask…

When was the last time you thought about where your energy comes from? Behind every power switch, appliance and device is an entire network powering our lives, and that energy grid is changing – fast.

To lift the veil on the complex world of energy, Origin’s new podcast So Watt? gives you the inside scoop on all things energy. From what’s coming, why you should care, and most importantly, what’s in it for you – So Watt? has the answers.

So, Watt’s it about?

So Watt? host Andy Saunders

Hosted by comedian and passionate home renovator Andy Saunders – who you may recognise from the 2019 season of The Block as one half of fan favourites “Andy and Deb” – So Watt? delves into Australia’s evolving energy sector and the driving forces that are propelling it towards a smarter, more sustainable future.

A self-professed energy newbie, each episode will see Andy tackle a new piece of the energy puzzle in an effort to better understand why the sector is changing and how he (and you) can play a part. “I’ve always had an interest in sustainable design for homes, but up until now I haven’t really spent much time looking into the different smart and clean energy solutions available today,” Andy said. “I’m excited to be hosting my first podcast and sharing what I’ve learnt about energy including how I can reduce my carbon footprint, and how I can save some coin in the process.”

From EVs, to online gaming, the Jetsons, solar and home batteries, the six-part series tackles some big (and small) energy related questions, all the while providing handy energy hacks.

Featuring interviews with everyday Aussies as well as industry experts, including banking disruptor Up Banking’s Dom Pym and the father of photovoltaics, AKA solar, Martin Green, So Watt? gives you access to some of Australia’s brightest innovators in an upbeat, no-nonsense easy to digest format. 

So Watt? brings together experts, innovators and change-makers to help ordinary Aussies understand the tremendous transformation underway in how energy is produced and consumed and how ordinary households and businesses will all play a role.

So, Watt next?

Get a taste for So Watt? The first episode is set to drop on Wednesday the 10th of November. New episodes will be released weekly on a Wednesday.

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