Introducing Origin Loop – our Virtual Power Plant

The future of energy is here. Where we work together to create, share and manage power. Origin Loop is the new energy grid – it’s smart, connected and agile. Find out how you can join a community of savvy energy users and be at the forefront of change here in Australia. 

What is Loop?

Until recently, all the electricity you used in your home or business came from large power stations transported through power lines and distribution networks. With more Australians generating their own electricity with rooftop solar and storing it in batteries, what if we could connect thousands (or even millions) of batteries and assets across countless locations and combine them into one big power station?  

Loop is the name we’ve given to our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that allows customers to be part of a smart, connected energy network, contribute to a cleaner energy future and be rewarded for it.  

Loop-connected product and services include home solar batteries, EVs with smart chargers, connected hot water systems, and our energy saving reward program, Spike.  

And now we’re inviting more customers across Australia to join our rapidly growing network.  

On the season finale of our So Watt? podcast, we delve into virtual power plants and the benefits for customers

How can I get involved?

One way to get involved, if you live in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland, is to purchase an eligible Loop-connected home battery from Origin. Using smart technology, our network will charge and discharge your battery to manage and meet demand across the energy network during peak times.  

Not only will you get a $3,500 discount on the battery purchase cost, but you’ll also receive $240 in credit on your electricity bill – guaranteed every year for five years. 

We guarantee you’ll always get more value back in credits from us than what we extract from the battery – we’ll never extract more than 200kWh from your battery per year.  

And if you’re in South Australia, don’t worry – we’ll be bringing an Origin Loop battery offer to you soon. So, it won’t be too long before you can join the Loop!

What if I can’t afford a home battery or don’t have solar?

Spike is a simple, free and rewarding way for Origin customers to be part of Loop today. To be part of Origin Spike, all you need is a smart meter. And if you don’t have a smart meter, but live in Queensland, you may be eligible to get one installed at no cost.  

Once you’re part of Spike, you’ll be invited to take part in weekly Spike Hours and rewarded for reducing your energy usage with Spike Points that can redeemed for cash.  

What can Loop do?

On hot, sunny days when energy demand is high, Loop can send renewable energy stored in home batteries into the grid – helping boost energy supply across the network. 

Loop can also turn hot water storage systems into batteries by pre-heating them during the day when there’s lots of extra solar energy flowing around the grid – so customers can enjoy hot solar-powered showers at night.   

Loop also brings more than 60,000 homes together each week to participate in SpikeHours – reducing energy use during peak times and earning rewards in the process. Since we launched, Spike customers have earned more than $2 million in Spike Points! 

How exactly does it work?

Some incredibly smart people at Origin built the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that powers Loop to help coordinate and orchestrate thousands of connected, remote energy assets virtually via the cloud. 

To do this, Loop draws on a range of data to manage and deliver power in real time including weather forecasts, usage data, market trends, and historical energy consumption.  

Loop’s AI also interacts with the rest of the National Electricity Market (NEM) and with Origin’s large scale generation assets so we’re able to coordinate these remote assets in the most effective way. 

With more energy now being generated, stored and used in homes and business across the country, it’s a smarter way to move electrons around the grid. And it provides a more cost effective and smarter way to do this than powering up, or even building, additional large-scale power stations, meaning more affordable energy. 

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