How to save energy at home while away on holidays

Saving money while you’re away on holiday might sound a little ambitious, but by putting a few simple systems in place before heading off, you can reduce your energy usage, and save with very little effort. Meaning more money back in your pocket to splurge on your vacation!

Pull the plug on hungry appliances

It seems like a no-brainer but many of us often leave appliances on standby when we’re not at home, or away on holiday. While the day-to-day costs of power hungry appliances such as microwaves, TVs and washing machines might not seem high, turning them off at the switch when you’re away from the house for extended periods of time can quickly add up in savings.

In fact, standby power consumption can cost the average household up to $100 per year. That’s a nice meal you and a friend could be enjoying by the hotel fireplace!

Invest in smart tech

Another great way to prepare for the break is to invest in smart devices such as smart plugs. Smart plugs can help identify areas and sources of high energy use, and allow users to remotely manage household devices or switch them off, with the click of a button.

Monitoring and adjusting appliances like air conditioning units – that might have accidentally been left on (yikes!) – or automating security sensor lights are just two examples of how smart plugs can help you save.

Get house guests up to speed

While many of us may be well versed in how to save energy within our own homes, house sitters might not be as savvy.

One way to ensure your energy use is low while you’re away is to educate house guests on the ins and outs of your home. Simple things like organising a walk through to explain how appliances work, or leaving a helpful checklist for when they leave the house or go to bed at night can keep energy use to a minimum.

For those wanting to go that one step further, why not consider getting the house sitter involved in SpikeHours? Educating them on the interactive nature of Spike and forwarding SpikeHour alerts is a great way to keep in touch and save.  

Those with solar can suggest helpful tips like having showers during the day or setting the washing to run during the middle of the day. Easy changes like these not only reduce the load on the energy grid but save you a dollar or two in the long run by using stored energy from the sun.

Switch off

Creating a list of energy guzzlers around the house in the lead up to your holiday, is a great way to remind yourself what to switch off before you walk out the door.

While we naturally gravitate towards flicking off light switches, have you ever considered other creative ways of saving, like switching off your hot water system while you’re not home? Turning off the hot water system, especially for those set up on timers, can help reduce unnecessary energy use and quickly contribute to savings. 

Other handy saving tips for extended holidays include challenging yourself to make use of what’s in the fridge. Not only does this save on grocery bills but means you can clear out the fridge and switch it off while you’re away.

For more energy saving fun your hip pocket will thank you for this holiday season, check out our Spike program and smart devices store now. 

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