What to stream this weekend with the family

Here’s what you can do to switch off and enjoy some family bonding time this weekend.

Binge-worthy series for the whole family

If getting cosy on the couch sounds good to you and your family, I’m here to help with a few TV series suggestions for everyone to enjoy.

Boss Baby


In this delightful series, DreamWorks gives us a view of Baby Corp headquarters, a company run by babies, for babies. The show follows Boss Baby and his older brother Tim as they try to balance childhood and demanding careers at the same time.

There’s something oddly charming about giving a baby the career drive and capabilities of an adult, and following the adventures that come with it. The third season was just released on Netflix and I think it’s safe to say it will be a hit.

Network: Netflix
Rating: G
Best suited for Ages 6+
Episode duration: 24 minutes

Green eggs and ham


It’s for good reason this book has stood the test of time and has now become available on our screens. Late last year Netflix took the much-loved classic and adapted it into a TV series.

Keeping the same humour and flare from Dr. Seuss, the show follows the adventures of polar opposites ‘Sam-I-Am’ who loves green eggs and ham, and ‘Guy’ who does not. The series sees a friendship form as the pair go on adventures and work together to try and save an endangered species called ‘ Chickeraffe.’ It’s guaranteed to fill the household with laughter and childhood nostalgia.

Network: Netflix
Rating: PG
Best suited for: Ages 3-8.
Episode duration: 28 minutes

The Mandalorian


Disney Plus takes a new spin on the giant enterprise that is Star Wars, with the release of 2019 series, the Mandalorian. The show follows lone bounty hunter Din Djarin and his adventures that are set in a galaxy far, far away.  Itgives Star Wars fans a fresh perspective while also capturing the essence of the much-loved original series.. The Mandalorian is thrilling and adventurous, and the 8 episodes will be enough to get the family hooked and wanting more.

Network: Disney+
Rating: M
Best suited for Ages 9+
Episode duration: 29-38 minutes

The world according to Jeff Goldblum


If you’re looking for something fun and educational look no further than Disney +’s docuseries ‘Theworld according to Jeff Goldblum’. The show follows the curiosity of icon Jeff Goldblum as he breaks down the story behind everyday objects such as sneakers, coffee, and pools. With Goldblum’s enthusiasm and eccentricity, he’s able to bring boring everyday objects to life. The series has 12 episodes available to stream now.

Network: Disney+
Rating: G
Best suited for: Ages 11+
Episode duration: 30 min

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