How do you tell a scam from a real Origin message?

We’ve all received them; emails that look just a little off, text messages that don’t look legitimate or an unexpected phone call asking you for information you don’t normally give out over the phone.

They’re often scams and they’re becoming more common. From the fake energy provider threatening to cut off your power, to the ever popular African prince looking for a bank account to store his millions, scammers are working harder and harder to get their hands on your hard earned money, or worse, your identity.

Scammers often mimic legitimate companies, like Origin, to trick you into opening a fake email, clicking on links, making a payment or even giving away your personal details.

How to keep safe from online fraud

Scam emails (otherwise known as “phishing”) set out to deceive people into providing their personal details. These fake emails often include a corporate logo and look like they’ve come from a legitimate company.

If you believe you’ve received a scam Origin email, we also encourage you to report it to

What you should do if you think you’ve received a scam email

  • Close it and contact us
  • Forward the fake email to so we can investigate further

Do not:

  • Click on links
  • Open attachments
  • Download pictures
  • Forward the scam email to others

Some ways to spot a scam Origin email or SMS

Be on the front foot, here’s how you can tell if an email or text is a scam or a real Origin email:

  • It might be an email scam if the sender has a suspicious email address.
  • You’ll always have options on how to pay your bills. You can find a list of our payment methods on our website.
  • If you receive a suspicious email you suspect could be a scam Origin email, the quickest way to confirm whether it’s real or not is to check your account either using My Account or the Origin App. Your most current energy bill and billing history will appear there.

Other email scams to watch out for

Email and text scams aren’t always about getting your card details, keep an eye out for suspicious emails such as:

  • Emails offering you amazing job opportunities
  • Around Christmas time – scam emails telling you there’s parcel waiting for you – with a link to arrange delivery

What can you do if you’ve been a victim of a scam and clicked on a link or made a payment?

If you believe you’ve been a victim of a scam online, here’s what to do next.

  • Call our customer service team on 13 24 61
  • Contact your financial institution immediately
  • Disconnect your computer from the internet and run an anti-virus scan
  • Report it to Scamwatch so they can warn others about the Origin scam email

How to contact Origin

If you’d like to speak directly with Origin, we’re always available to talk.

  • Call our customer service team on 13 24 61
  • Contact us via Facebook Messenger (you can be sure it’s us by the blue verified tick) or send us a direct message on Twitter.

Find and pay your energy bills with the Origin App

Do one better and view and pay your energy bills from the Origin App for Apple and Android, scam free.

Our award winning mobile app gives more power and flexibility to Origin customers and is a safe and secure way to view and pay bills. From the Origin App you can view your current bill and bill history, your payment history and even make payments straight from the app.

Beyond managing your energy bill, the Origin App lets customers:

  • Track your energy usage. Break it down with filters like monthly, daily or by billing cycle and more (if you have a smart meter)
  • See your past bills and payment history
  • Pay your bills with just one tap, or setup a direct debit
  • Chat to us and get support directly from the app if you need a helping hand
  • Send us your self-meter readings (if your meter is eligible – read more)
  • Moving house? Now you can book your move in minutes from the app
  • Solar customers can see how much solar they’ve fed into the grid, and the credits they’ve earned

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