Giving good energy back to Melbourne

We at Origin are delighted to partner with other leading Melbourne businesses to support ‘Let’s Melbourne Again’. It’s an initiative to rebuild confidence, creativity and hope in Melbourne, a commitment made to Melbourne by the people who love the city.

The past year has been rough on Melbourne. We’ve all seen the impacts of COVID-19 on Melburnians and on the businesses and institutions that make Melbourne the incredible city it is.

We’re proud to join together with other leading businesses to support ‘Let’s Melbourne Again’ to bring life back into the heart of Melbourne. Over the summer months, the businesses supporting Let’s Melbourne Again will be creating brilliant acts and experiences to spark joy and support the city’s economy.

Supporting our business customers

With many small businesses across Australia impacted by COVID-19, we’ve assembled some help and guidance to support our business customers when they’re experiencing challenging times. We’re supporting businesses who are doing it tough with payment extensions, payment plans and hardship support.

And in support of the Let’s Melbourne Again initiative, we’re crediting SMEs in the Melbourne 3000 postcode with their Spring Supply Charges (from 1 September 2020 to 30 November 2020).

It’s our way of helping Melbourne to ‘Melbourne’ again.

Origin business customers

So how did our Melbourne business customers fare during one of the world’s longest lockdowns? And how are they doing now?

We spoke to a few of them to find out.

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