Origin commits to Energy Charter

The Charter is a pledge from all participating energy companies to publicly report on how they are all doing against agreed customer commitments. Importantly, The Energy Charter is supported by Energy Consumers Australia – the peak group representing retail customers.

The Charter sets out five clear principles the energy industry has committed to – from putting downward pressure on prices and ensuring reliability and sustainability, to improving the customer experience and supporting those most vulnerable among us. The Charter sets a high standard, but one but one we know customers expect us to meet.

While this is an industry-wide initiative, the principles of The Energy Charter reflect Origin’s over-riding purpose of getting energy right for our customers, communities and planet, and will help us be a true customer champion.

Each year, signatories to The Charter will report on how they are living up to the principles, with progress assessed by an independent accountability panel. The panel, which will include consumer and industry representatives, will help customers and the energy businesses who serve them by identifying good performance and providing guidance on where the industry can improve.

CEO Frank Calabria said: “This Charter brings together, for the first time, the energy sector. The Charter will ultimately be of greatest benefit to consumers as it will play a role making energy simpler, easier and more affordable for them”.

The Energy Charter will play a key role in helping Origin serve our customers even better. To learn more about the charter visit The Energy Charter homepage

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